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I'd like to see those names in Russian.

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Exactly. Russian game with American names. Smells (((fishy)))

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Russian game, stolen by the Japanese with American names.

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Pur yourself in the shoes of whoever wrote that manual. They commissioned you a 20 pages booklet on a game that is self explanatory. What the hell do you do to fill all the pages?

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There is a manual, I downloaded a pdf. I think this is a hoax though. Jeopardy! bought it though.

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No they don't.

Source: am an old fucker.

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You got your Tetris manual right there do you?

I downloaded the manual for NES and didn't see it.

This seems to be the source tweet: https://twitter.com/vecchitto/status/1100103587865284609

This guy thinks its a hoax: http://www.8-bitcentral.com/blog/2019/tetrisBlockNames.html

This guy played along: https://www.joe.co.uk/gaming/tetris-block-names-221127

This says they were named but doesn't say exactly what: https://www.thegamer.com/tetris-fun-facts/

Apparently, even Jeopardy! fell for it (if it is a hoax).

(video sauce)

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In fact, I do. But only for the GameBoy version.There's a section showing all the shapes, but none of them is named.

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Well alright then.

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The question doesn't really match with the answer, though.

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types with bug claws "THE BLOCKS HAVE NAMES"

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Orange L

Blue L

Left Z

Right Z




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Stick or Line

Block or Box


"L" or gun

Backwards "L"

Step or 'stupid thing'