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The satanic panic was legitimate, mcmartin, Presidio, the finders, boystown, California ritual sacrifice, were all true.

It’s all been going on for such a long time, we just happen to see things from our unique viewpoint and if you’re not a psycho none of it seems possible. Jews have been practicing ritual sacrifice for thousands of years, there have been MANY throughout history that confess to this and offer details that make it very believable. The Damascus affair is an interesting example, or even the jews that confessed to poisoning wells and water sources as they travelled their merchant routes. Over in Belgium they had multiple pedo kidnappers working at the same time, owning many different properties with hidden dungeons below ground. With the tech we have now I would bet that specific building companies offer these rooms to approved clientele. There was a green baret doctor that had his family murdered and a confession was given by one of the cultists that took mescaline and murdered them, he still got life in prison though. Not sure why I’m rambling along, I just wish things were different and I can’t sleep.

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The “Satanic Panic” was to the ritualistic abuse, molestation, torture and murder of children in the 80s as “QAnon” and “pizzagate” are today. In short, the painting of those who have evidence of such goings on as wild eyed, fanatical idiots via association. By focusing on a fringe group of morons who couldn’t back up their claims and talked about banning rock and roll and games, they were able to sweep all genuine allegations neatly under the rug, just as they have with pizzagate.

It may surprise you to know that one of the films at the center of the Satanic Panic was a little propaganda number called Mazes and Monsters about the “dangers” of tabletop RPGs, starring regular CDAN subject Tom Hanks. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he was involved in a production that did more harm for the message than good.

Update: Mazes and Monsters was made by (((Steven Hilliard Stern))), the maker of Disney’s The Devil and Max Devlin, starring (((Elliot Gould))) and Bill Cosby about a businessman making a deal with the devil to lure innocent young people, including a child who missed his dead mother, to sell their souls to Satan in lieu of his own. Another cohencidence, I’m sure.

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No wonder why it seemed strange that people were focusing more on vidya being violent and Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon being """satanic""", rather than Hollyweird itself.

Association is powerful. One can paint a whole group as a bunch of conspiracy theorists with tinfoil hats just from a small group of morons. No wonder why the sudden shilling for vaccines happened last year with the entire internet.

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Interesting, didn’t know any of that. Would it be worth watching?

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But none of that really had anything to do with D&D. People found the wrong witch to burn.

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Yeah, for sure, I agree.

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This is the same as the "red scare". It was something bad that was actually happening that the media/jews/communists/marxists and other people covered up and came up with a catchy name to discredit it.

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Ezekiel talks about literal undead armies but D&D is satanic, yo. Fuck them.

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Thanks; I didn't know about this guy.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=5wGovphhNOM :

The Satanic Panic of the 1980's vs. Dungeons and Dragons | Geek History - YouTube

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