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If they were kike'ed out the ass for their warcraft moneymaker

i can't imagine how kike'ed they were on this Korean strategy simulator game...

probably anyone who even mentioned Taiwan got nuked instantly

this is good though, this means the company is slowly dying from the inside out, once every player leaves

and every player is banned from warcrap (subscription fees stop coming) this fucking JEW'ED company will finally die (or just transfer to an even more jew'ed company)

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so make your own server. why do you need the almighty corporation to do it for you?

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Yeah we got it working with starfriend.

The free arcade with user submitted games is amazing though.

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oh gee i wonder how that happened

tell us blizzard

tell us how many whales you lost after The Blitzchung Incident.

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Another step watching the one time giant of a company fall. Hitting that pipe of wokeness must be addictive.

One last thing Blizzard: "Free Hong Kong"

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starcraft 2 sucked because of the new perspective.

starcraft 1 had overhead view that rocked, and the only reason to change it was so dipshits could see their little guys better. who gives a fuck what they look like?

game play is all that matters to me, and starcraft 1 had it..

starcraft 2 was pretty and i played it 1000x less than sc 1.

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Starcraft 1 with modded maps all the way.

I need to know whats its like to slaughter thousands of zerg.

But SC2, special in its own way.

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I remember when SC2 was new and the developers arrogantly said that they will come down hard on modded and total conversion maps because they could now. I remember back in the day there were total conversions that made the game feel entirely new, like playing using star wars assets. It is a shame they went out of their way to kill innovation by making people agree to a stipulation that anything they create becomes their property and can be used for their profit.

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It's not "dead" if they keep the servers running. How long was the original Starcraft a "dead" game? You can still play it today. But obviously the add-on content isn't making them enough money to keep doing it.

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I was aware of a lot of different information when I posted this, so it's fair that you're calling out my claim that the game is dead.
When I posted this I had just watched Artosis, the main English professional Starcraft II & Brood War caster for ESL & GSL, talking about it.
He said that Brood War tournaments are still a thing because of how much money they bring in - so much so that they're self sustaining and won't be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.
Starcraft II, however, lives off of the money they get from War Chests and Coop Commanders.
The only reason those SCII tournaments will still be happening is because they're already payed for and/or they're under a 3 year contract to have them.
He said that Blizzard themselves told him this at their last... quarterly briefing or something like that?

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When I posted this I had just watched Artosis, the main English professional Starcraft II & Brood War caster for ESL & GSL, talking about it.

This Artosis video? Where he says, "Whether Starcraft will continue to do well, yeah I think so. Obviously this is going to bring a lot of fear into the space, and maybe the revival of stupid memes like 'dead game'. Right now I think Starcraft II is doing well overall. But hopefully something happens we can keep all the esports going at a sustained level in the future."

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StarCraft II esports, which is part of the highest echelon of professional competitive gaming, will also continue going strong as it has been through our partners ESL Gaming and GSL

i mean this is as much as anyone can hope for with this shell of a company.

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I bought sc2, played it a bit but didn't really get into it like I did starcraft.

I think I was disappointed. Nostalgia is fickle.

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The crafted games in Battlenet is where all the fun is at. I play the Keystone Card game daily!

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I occasionally come back and play a little diablo 3 and probably won't be back on bnet until diablo 4 (and then I'll need to buy a new pc) or they come out with wow 2.0... or an upgraded version of wow even.

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