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Most companies seem to have adopted the cash grab model of business. Which is fine, but I have chosen to not support them. I don't buy new games, I don't pre-order, and I wait until games are under $10.

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In the age of hiring for diversity and wokeness, there are mostly just remasters of games that were made before that shit. AAA gaming is dead too, it's 100% reused formulas that are played the fuck out and trash woke storylines.

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It's almost as bad as mobile games. There is no focus, no passion, no respect, for gaming.

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That's the bitter redpill to swallow

gaming is dead, all that remains is kikery and soy

though there might be some worthwhile mods but not enough to save this medium

a while some boomerfaggot on gab made a statement that what encomposes the modern soyboy phenomena

is porn, sports ball and video games

i tried thinking of a good modern game that wasn't kike'ed to counter his point but all aside from Kingdom Come Deliverance (which already had feminist DLC release last year) i couldn't come up with an answer

to think these fucking boomers were right and vidya as kike'ed... that was hard to admit

though there are older games which weren't soy

there mostly buried and forgotten, this whole medium has been jew'ed, tarnished and homosexualized (Look at that Gothic "remake") for newer generation coonsoomers

and even books are going to be defiled, there is no escape from the ZOG...

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A pretty retarded choice to even bother with this low-effort edition. For decades the lone fault people have made against AOE3 is that it is not AOE2. So for them to rerelease AOE3 shows how disconnected they are to the user base which tells me all I need to know about how AOE4 will turn out

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They made one for AOE3? The only one of those games that people like is AOE2. Whatever. Some chump will buy it.

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And looks like AOE2 will still be the champion.

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I've yet to play AOE3, but I don't really see what it could do better than AOE2, plus AOE2 has the graphics level I want, and I know I'll be able to run that on any computer in the future.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=vY0aDZArrVg&ab_channel=SamuraiRevolution :

Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition - Wonders Comparison - MAX Graphics Comparison - YouTube

Yes, I know invidio.us has shutdown

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Then fix your bot.