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As if I needed another reason to avoid their product.

I always do whatever the ADL doesn't want to me to do, if they promote something I'm sure to dislike it lmao

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Sounds like we need "nose invaders" more than ever.

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if you play any ea games you are retarded

[–] TheMnassri ago 

I pirate them.

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EA has sucked the cock of every major pro sports franchise to get the rights to sell those sportsball games. And every major sports franchise is controlled by the radical left. No surprise here.

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In a way this is good because white men/boys should stop paying any attention to sports ball. It's been a Jewish run enterprise for decades.

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So they are saying they want to make games for cucks and SJWs and dont care if they make a real profit

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How is EA is still thriving even after years of scummy practices?

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And for no reason at all, the jews found themselves kicked out of yet another country