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They have SJWs in japan. If the japanese mafia doesn't start removing the infiltrators in their own government, and media, then anything they might hold dear in japan will be destroyed eventually.

World judaism will do to their organized crime, what they did to organized crime in the u.s: first destroy it, and what can't be destroyed, completely co-opt and hollow out, like a parasite that eats its host from the inside out and uses the hollowed corpse of it like a hand puppet.

Society's organized crime, pre-"nationwide law enforcement" (federal agencies here in the u.s.)-- is the nerve network or immune system of anti-judaic resistance.

Once organized crime in a nation is co-opted or national law enforcement/intelligence is established, that country is dead and officially co-opted by Judaism, because it has no means of resisting. Remember law enforcement and military are always behind the curve on judaic/banker infiltration/subversion, because 1. the banks and judaism do not have any rules to play by, 2. while military and law enforcement do, and that puts them at a disadvantage that eventually sees them destroyed and replaced or co-opted.

Once a nation reaches this state, the only way to revert it is to first collapse it, and build anew.

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It honestly seems like their games just didn't sell enough to make localization worth the effort. Making games for a western audience was obviously an afterthought, considering their games have names like "Ni no kuni" and "Yokai Watch". Only people who like Jap stuff will even consider buying it and I guess that wasn't enough. I never even heard of their newer games. They had a marketing problem and realized it too late. The decision is purely business. It likely indicates a failing company and has nothing to do with SJWs.

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You may be right. Ni no kuni sold over a million copies in the West. Not sure how the Yokai Watch games did here, but I think they had a tv show tie-in and everything. Their games are so big in Japan that they should be able to afford to run a 10 person USA subsidiary.

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The irony is that despite keeping their Japanese titles, those games' scripts are completely localized. They went out of their way to scrub all Japanese from their scripts.

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Yokai Watch is an anime. They sold toys at Target for a while. I didn't know there was a game but now that I do, I still have no plans to seek it out.

I'd heard of Ni no kuni but was apparently so disinterested I couldn't remember anything about the game from the name alone. I looked it up and remembered seeing the trailer.

The article doesn't mention anything about SJWs antagonizing them. I don't think either of the games mentioned would be particularly controversial or even seem like they're trying to be edgy/spicy but were held back. I think one is supposed to be heartwarming and the other cheeky/mischievous/silly.

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Good for them. USrael is so thoroughly soaked in soy, leftism, and other kike funded cults, it wouldn't appreciate a non-cucked game anyway.

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Japan is still uniquely positioned to fight back against the evil cult and win. Their corporation's power and hierarchy aren't built like the West's

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Good for them!

I can't say that I blame them. I'm so sick of sjw's also!

More power to them!