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I don't read it that way. The way i see it is that they're surprised more people aren't playing the non-human races. What i think they're not getting is that human is there best blank slate to figure things out with especially for new players. Unless you can add tails and horns and shit to the humans. Idk, i haven't played as a human yet.

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Is it worth playing, or did they SJW it up and ruin it?

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I haven't played through enough to determine that yet. What I will say is that in general Larian gives players a ton of choice with character creation by default. However, they definitely get a point in their favor for there only being male and female character creation options (for now).

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Larian has some of the worst writing in the industry and what they made has nothing to do with the first two games from a narrative, character, or gameplay standpoint. Fuck everything about Larian and BG3.

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It's a Larian game, not a Black Isle game. Think Divinity Original Sin 3, not BG3.

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Even BG 1 and 2 got some gay moments with the enhanced edition.

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Traditionally, human races were the best min/max class due to the bonus feats they could pick up at creation vs non-human races.

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According to people who've played through the Early Access and aren't blind to wokeness, this game is a dumpster fire written by your typical weak neckbeards with no life experience who don't understand depth, and think being a needless dickhead or a confrontational bitch is the same thing as having a strong personality.

  • Main concern though is that the characters seem largely unlikable and I'd even say poorly written. This kinda kills it for me as someone who's into cRPGs for the character part as much as the RPG progression/combat part
  • The Githyanki female sees you as incompetent and challenges you on every leadership decision that isn't to go and smack people
  • The male wizard is a huge neckbeard... talks down to & insults everyone else, also makes extremely cringe flirting attempts with some female characters.
  • The cleric lady is emo and aloof, she won't talk to you except for disagreeing with choices not directly in her favour... Perhaps this is intended to be rebellious or independent but sometimes just seems needlessly confrontational.
  • The male vampire has a Tim Curry rocky horror vibe, actively tries to be disruptive, ambushing the PC at least twice, comes across as the annoying guy at the tabletop game who thinks it's funny to try to PvP or steal from the party all the time.
  • Male warlock is the only two-dimensional character. Well done to whoever wrote him, and for not falling into the trap of making a 5th edgelord, because ooo so mysterious.
  • I've nothing against the occasional evil/edgy character in a cRPG... but it can't be all of them. With such a limited character roster and 4/5 of them being edgy or straight up evil, it's very hard to have a feeling of compassion or companionship in the group, I would argue that is quintessential to any DnD or RPG game.
  • There's no party banter or humourous, light-hearted elements to make the group fun to be with, no redeeming features for most of the characters. This could be as intended, but for me, I find myself roughly 10hrs into the game and not wanting to play further except for the next combat section. I'm constantly asking myself "why am I helping these people?" The party just isn't fun to have dialogue with.

So this isn't a Baldur's Gate game, this is a faggotized D&D5e campaign set in the Forgotten Realms with pretty graphics.

[–] pepeshadilay ago 

The Githyanki female sees you as incompetent and challenges you on every leadership decision that isn't to go and smack people

I have not played it, but from the dialogue I have seen, the Githyanki female seems to be a sympathetic character. (And she is very cute for a Githyanki; she looks like a supermodel whose face was warped just enough to make her look like a Gelfling from the Dark Crystal...and then she got some scars so she could look more like Geralt of Rivia.) She was a soldier, she expects everyone else to be a highly disciplined soldier. She has no real reason to be obedient to the protagonist; they were thrown together by blind luck. Due to the nature of D&D, 90% of the meaningful choices are combat choices.

In any CRPG, it is quite difficult to write characters that are cooperative but also have their own agendas. Consider Skyrim and Fallout 4: the organized groups of NPCs are suspiciously willing to take orders from the protagonist and even are willing to set him up as their supreme leader.

I think the team is probably working very hard on the product and if they can make something that doesn't crash every ten minutes, the result should be playable.

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Supermodel "cute" anthropomorphic non-human professional warrior woman who challenges your leadership and pushes for violence.

Sounds like the fantasy of a 100lb furry programmer.

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All I see is the grinch. I even wanted to play a githyanki mage but I just can't unsee the grinch.

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Yeah heaven forbid your playerbase create characters that look like them.

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Yeah, I saw this post and realized they really are clueless about their target audience.

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On a related note, I'd be interested in knowing if Rust fell off of people's radar when people discovered they couldn't custom make their own character and that you were stuck permanently with whatever the game generated for you against your Steam ID.

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It absolutely did, nobody wants to be forced to play as a nigger or female so that a SJW game dev can virtue signal their diversity boner.

Facepunch founder Garry Newman said it’s “just like in real life, you are who you are – you can’t change your skin colour or your face.”

Get fucked, Facepunch.

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you can’t change your skin colour or your face

-- Michael Jackson

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The 95% normal, heterosexual population of the world has spoken.

[–] DrJunkienstein ago  (edited ago)

Yeah, the remaining 5% keeps whining in those comments, anyway. And what do they whine about? The sensitivity of the rest of course.

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"Congratulations, you’ve basically made the default Vault Dweller. What the hell guys. We gave you demon eyes, horns, and even tails. We are sorely disappointed. Go crazy. We worked hard on this!"

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It's almost like it's mostly only faggots who desperately want to be something other than themselves.

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I do not understand how someone want to play that trash if they are not school shooters from Redditbeg or Child traffickers from Twatterberg or Chinese terrorists on Faceberg.

These woke creatures industry are doing this to destroy you.

Please, for the future of our world, stop helping these monsters.

They hate you to the worst death possible that could happened to not only you but your entire race.

Larian was fantastic in the past, imagine that after 20 years, they made a new patch for their old game, put the avatars of their best fans from their forum into the game without ruinning the game like the faggots behind Pillars of Eternity shoehorning every patreon fag.

If you can, buy the Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition for a small price, the little book describing their life as game makers is fun. Even a story about with their feet in water when they have to find a way to turning on the power. Their ancient musician(RIP¨D00D) was a great musician, it was like a house with friends making Video Games with fun and passion.

Today Larian is bought by the NWO, Hurr Derp, look at us Belgium employing negroes and wominz actors to make a game about European fantasy medieval culture.

CD Projekt is dead too, Rockstar was always dead, the boogaloo pepe logo look like the DNC has asked Rockstar the commies to make a logo and they put Vice City in that shit.

Like a phoenix, this corrupt industry need to become ash and reborn into the light.

And for that, we have the duty to laugh at these evil idiots and their sleeping idiots brainwashed consoomers.

An easy task, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of good taste and quality.

Nu-Larian, you could put your shitty Weimar Republic agenda new game profoundly.

Go die in a gullag if you like this commie poison mass murdering shit so mush.

[–] Nigger_Loving_Jew ago 

A lot of people on RPG Codex want to play this just because they think anything turn based is automatically incline. I love that site but that particular aspect of it disgusts me.

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