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"GamerGate can be understood to have been a massive consumer-based revolt—indeed, a rebellion—that transcended borders, nationalities, political affiliation, and identity. GamerGaters rebelled against the faux-authority of corrupt journalists and the biased scholarship they leaned upon. They rebelled against a clique of abusive and connected individuals trying to cloak their misdeeds in the language of intersectional “Social Justice.” In reply, GamerGate supporters stood up for the spirit of individualism, egalitarianism, and free expression that defines the gaming community and the broader political mood in which it resides."

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"GamerGate supporters stood up for the spirit of individualism, "

Seriously what?

Are they trying once again to sheeple the movement in their direction?

Lolbertarians and centrists egalitarians are the new atheists teep your hat laughting stock.

Without being a tribe made of tribes loving their culture, people together around fun, laughing, being angry and other community shit, there will never have been a Gamergate.

Free expression?

I do not even care bfore these degenerate sjw from the darpa, it tell a lot about the attack of not only the Video Games but thge wanting to destroed us.

Look at 4chan how the adl jidf maxwell mods are trying their best to cut every opportunity to make something together, it goes so far and they are so mush in complete panik that they need to destroy every thread trying to do a little Sherlock Holmes adventure like on an ancient building of Nintendo as an example.

Gamergate fucked them hard but this is a farce that the elite of elite of our world behind all the wars and misery and illness are now upset about guys just wanting to play MARIO and LUIGI and make gunny gifs and videos aboutr MARIO and LUIGI and SANIC! They are child molesters disgusting and the are so pitiful afte SANIC and M/LARIO and LUIGI!

I do not want an elite like that on my earth.

I think that I will play some Mario Bros 2 today. With MARIO and LUIGI and the HOT PRINCESS PEACH!

I wish to the gamers a good sunday. Have fun d00ds, life is short.

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Yes, gamers stood up to the tyrants so hard that we dont have to deal with SJW bullshit in our hobby, oh wait.

Yeah, they also waited for Totalbiscuit to die, the figurehead that called them out the day it happened, to shit talk him because of his efforts to discuss the truth. If I recall correctly, they then proceeded to attack his wife for allowing people to shit talk him to face consequences.

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It didn't really work though, unfortunately.

Other avenues were taken, mainly infilreating the game companies themselves.

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Depends what you consider the victory conditions to be. If you were hoping it'd send SJWs running with their tails between their legs then no, it didn't work. What it succeeded in doing is red-pilling a hell of a lot of people and reminding them that SJWs aren't the arbitors of morality they like to present themselves as.

Gamergate was the pebble that started an avalanche.

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And also the awarding committees, I saw that BAFTA made it so you have to meet their diversity quotas if you want your game to be considered for one of their awards. I think there is hope though and those groups are just making themselves obsolete.

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That explains those lesbian dwarven blacksmiths in Divinity 2.

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Gaming is still fucked, though.

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It began already at the end of the 90's.

And it was fun to mock these hypocrites urinalists.

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Jims dieing

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Dana Loesch actually mentioned GamerGate on her show last night and she mostly got the details right.

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Is it this one? - https://youtu.be/hnS7gWRkeA0

I'll add it to my watch later list

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