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good news but be prepared to shed a ton of cash over the lifespan of this console.odd that they havent talked about their proprietary hard drive replacements. i bet that they are going to be expensive since they are custom made for the system.nobody has talked about that yet and it looks like that you will have to keep paying for online lol

i also expect heating issues with these consoles since they are more closer to PC than before.oh and they didnt show the UI either

[–] WolvenWargod ago 

I just want to play ps2 punisher again

[–] knightwarrior41 ago 

i dont think we are going to have a proper ps2 emulation on console ever,you may have a few ports or remasters here and there like it was for the ps3/ps4 maybe??

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Holy shit i thought they were still on ps3.

[–] AltUserMe ago 

They tried to make ps5 even uglier than ps3. But I think they fell just slightly short unfortunately.

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Nope. More like 10%.

I have never tried it, and I have done zero research, but I know how Sony (Sucky) lies.

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Oy vey! You discovered the truth. It's really PlayStation 4.5, but we called it PlayStation 5!

We had to do it because Microsoft is coming out with Xbox One S 2.0, forcing our hand! Otherwise we would have waited longer to release a new console generation.

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They don't even have the balls to promise 100%, so probably only five games will be compatible.