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people who buy into the walled-garden ecosystem of consoles deserve everything they get. No sympathy from me especially when they pay to play online.

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Console Niggers are unironically Niggers

building a PC is easy a fuck, but Niggers (and jew Wiggers) prefer communism (everyone playing on the same "equal" field of FPS, controls and graphics)

i always said PC is the way of the white man and consoles are for soyfags but i shudder for the day everyone abandons COONsoles and moves to PC, Steam is already jew'ed as it is

so having a surplus of soyboys will just assure PC gaming will be as cucked and spineless as Coonsoles

though i think in the end, it would be all for naught because the white man can only endure so much "fuck whitey" in his paid entertainment until he either snaps, or moves on to a new medium...

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You're meant to buy and trade used games. If someone buys the digital only version they're a nigger

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i agree you dont get many discounts with a walled-garden ecosystem.i'm free from that con on PC

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Steam is a walled-garden ecosystem, too, so gamers are fucked on all fronts, except for piracy.

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i have a choice between steam,GOG and yes even epic store.plus i get free games from amazon prime.so yeah my wallet is happier now that am on PC. on consoles you are tied to their stores which the high prices can last for years

i got more options if i want to with geoforce cloud gaming,gamepass and ps now

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Euro is (somehow) worth more than the dollar, but the price is higher probably because European taxes placed on consumers are insane.

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are you trying to unfuck my fuck euros?

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I can't even think of a modern game I'd like to play. Maybe Hitman. I'm really wondering how people can have fun with these shitty games.

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yeah none of the games were interesting to me either,it was hilarious that at the start of the stream the first footage that they showed was an emulated game on PC

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that GPU is a fucking joke

even laptops these days come with better hardware wtf

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Amd radeon r9 is priced at between 400-500 and the price of the ps5 is between 400-500. So, no, you're wrong. It's priced ridiculously low in order to sell more and lock people into their ecosystem so they buy their games.

Every console from Microsoft and Sony has always done this.

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games are for children

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Boomer AF

what would say to a game about Killing Niggers, jews, faggots, spics, muslims Zogbots everything in between?


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I'd say stop being screen obsessed go outside and make something of the world.