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NVIDIA pulls a fast jew move again

Well, considering the CEO said that he's an israeli at heart I'm not surprised at all.

Source for quote (first paragraph): https://archive.vn/31uA8

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Holy shit, look at that MEGA JEW. Its like the Israeli version of "Jaws" from old bond films.

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holy shit that's depressing.

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Coonsoomerism is basically an endless void now

no matter who you buy from, you buy from kikes

AMD supports and donates to Nigger terrorists

Intel is Kike'ed

Nvidia is kike'ed

you're forced to give your enemy money, and even then you get shit performance per dollar

it's all so tiresome...

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Digital Foundry are sucking NVIDIA dick hard.

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moors law is dead, and gamer nexus is shitting on them :)

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Good to see some people not being taken in by the hype. People tend to forget these companies always showcase games that favour their hardware or whatever. AMD and Intel do it all the time as well.

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lmao people overpaying in order to see a few light effects here and there

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To be fair, I think the real horse power will be with 4k and RTX gaming over the 2080ti series. I think the gains will be worth it for those expecting the best performance from Cyberpunk with the 3080 & 3090 for example. He mentioned the greatest gains were the more you pushed the card, and when you dropped the resolution you would see negligible differences.

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"Pushing your card"

Steam stats show us that 90% of people are still playing 1080p. 4k is used by only a few percentile of users, and some of those are laptop gamers. As for RTX.....we have yet to see will cyberpunk look much better with RTX on than off. So far, if you drop this money, you get to play....MINECRAFT with 160fps with RTX on. Totally worth!!

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mmm More people than you think hook up their computers to their 4k tv's that are super cheap these days. So it could be viable. But you are right with the current steam stats. A quick google search revealed that less than 6% of gamers go over 1080p.

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To be Fair, Minecraft is a game you can totally push Video Cards to the limit with. I know it's a meme, but Minecraft can be Serious Business.

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Nvidia never claimed overall 2x 2080 Ti. Perhaps 2x RT, not raster performance. 3080 performance is right where it was claimed to be. Hopefully AMD can match it.

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Go back to the presentation on the first of this month. They showed graphs explicitly stating "up to 2x" and no other data. Technically correct, but deliberately misleading. What if i sold you a 600hp car, and used highway driving @ 10mph as reference for fuel consumption. Claiming that it consumes no more fuel than a 60hp car. Technically correct, ill just forget to mention i was referencing driving on the highway at 10mph, that you will NEVER do.

They could have showed these same tests, but chose not to. The one they did show was 10 secs of cherry picked BF5 footage, custom tuned to show 2x. Also enforced a review embargo till 16th, one day before the sales.

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https://invidio.usoTeXh9x0sUct=710 :

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition Review: Gaming, Thermals, Noise, & Power Benchmarks - YouTube

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Why the slur in the title?

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"Jew" is a slur? You must not like them then.

What wakes you from your 5 year slumber?

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Looks like a jew bought an account cause he's too stupid to make one himself