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Serious Sam unironically is king of oldschool FPS. Doom got cucked faggoty gameplay, SS (LITERALLY SS IS THE ACRONYM FUCKYEAH) has kept to the basics and improved graphics, enemy count, and dakka.

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You might like this video from last year about it, it's called 'how serious Sam's demo saved it from extinction' and it explains how they designed it


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wow. i really enjoy the "seeing far off in the distance" and "many enemies on the screen at once" parts, and it shows that they focused on that

i thought the game almost got deleted or something. they're saying that a demo that was released gave it its footing.

speaking of that, i know there're a lot of youtubers and sites out there trying to give the spotlight to smaller publishers or devs, is there anything logging these (completed) smaller games for people to try out a demo or something? It would be a shame for gems like these to have never continued because big faggot companies buy up all the publicity.

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I'm not sure I think the distribution model has changed so much since then whereas they used to use the shareware model sometimes and get the early levels out on disc to get momentum for the game I guess the modern analogue would be pre-alpha and backing through Kickstarter or Indiegogo - but that would be mostly for independent games. As far as studio games I think it's a bit of a black box and we just have to hope the unfinished game leaks 10 or 20 years after the fact. An example of that I was playing recently was Resident Evil 1.5

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Blood, Sin are also great OLD franchises. I love those old environments where the devs didn't really understand how a car/motorcycle works (looks) and buildings were kind of goofy.

then later, NOLFs

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Great game. Have you turned on anisotropic filtering? Beautiful!

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Am playing through SS3. Just got to the final final boss. Really hard game when playing on serious.

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I just got through the area in serious sam 2 where