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Read mein kampf live and see how long it takes for them to shut it down

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I'll open the PDF on stream and my entire computer will just shut off

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

Has the English version been edited by kikes to dilute the original message?


You say that like the ability to translate something from german to english is a rare skill and the jews have cornered the market on it

[–] oyy_veyy_goyy ago 

Can you do an ethnostate run where you wipe out all the non-whites?

[–] AndWhitesLetItHappen [S] ago 

Is... is that a mod?

[–] Zyklon_Bear ago 

It's your stream, but streaming a nearly decade old single player game doesn't seem like a winning strategy to bring in any viewers.

[–] AndWhitesLetItHappen [S] ago 

I saw that it was still pretty crazy popular and thought that it was slow enough to be able to interact with people while playing, but that is a good point... Maybe Fallout 4, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, or something, I dunno. Any suggestions?

[–] derram ago