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Job Simulator on psvr

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A more appropriately Laconic response could not be made.

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lol no doubt. And thanks for the vocab lesson...had to look that one up

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notice no nigger commenting on this quality top comment.

[–] Flabbygasted ago 

Yep, they want no part of that game

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My dude, if you hate niggers and love to shoot them in the face with a good old Martini rifle look no further than this


(for some reason moddb is down right now so try using the steam workshop instead


we had a blast last night



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thank you so much

[–] Neon_neck ago 

This looks fun. Don't know of any other game with Zulu Youth (yoots) and Married Zulu Warriors.

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play any strategy game or something that takes above a 90 IQ and you won't find niggers there

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Anything that's not COD or some gayass sportsball game?

[–] Project2501 ago 

Not just anything but COD and sportsball. For instance, specific fighting game communities need to be included in the list of games to avoid as well. And that is perfectly encapsulated that one of the most well known American players is a literal satanist furry nigger faggot who not only has been a plague in the community, but the actual games as well.

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The fans were so pissed about this that they added a mod to remove SonicFox (or whatever the fuck hes called) from the stage itself. But i don't remember any mention of him being a satanist.

And yes, the fighting community has been utter balls. Especially with the number of pedos being outed.

[–] mfquesodindunuffin 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah after I wrote that I actually remembered that fighting games need to be included as well.

[–] Kleemin ago 

Everyone here is suggesting a specific game but I think what you mean is like a VOAT gaming discord / guild / group where we can all say nigger faggot and kike and everyone will laugh instead of trying to /report you. I wish some one would make one and its invite only with a voat CCP requirement or something. Goddam that would be stellar.

[–] Wartimepope ago 

Holdfast bro. It's a fps based on the napoloanic wars. It's the older gaming community. Have yet to see a wahmen or a faggot playing it. Such a breath of fresh air after spending time on (((overwatch)))

[–] fightknightHERO ago 

Does it have a stable userbase?

[–] Wartimepope ago 

What do you mean by stable? Like is the game active? If so yes its very active. Sometimes you have to wait for a spot on the servers and a patch came out a couple days ago adding some more maps and it's even more active than usual right now.

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Mordhau is woke as fuck. West coast servers

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

Woke isn't a complimentary word around here.

[–] POTUShasnoballs 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Yes it is, it was high jacked by the left but was our term first. You ignorant nigger lover

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