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Funny how they're basically announcing reparations for women due to alleged misconduct by top male employees. This is known as the "Sharpton Shakedown" when politicians or companies are accused of racism; "pay up or we'll riot."

Also... why does it take hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire women and minorities? If they were carrying their own weight, companies wouldn't need to announce expenditures like this. They're basically saying these are "make-work programs."

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If women could do the same jobs as men but be paid less money like they’re always claiming men would never be able to get jobs anywhere

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I was just thinking this. If black lives mattered, they wouldn't have to beat/extort fealty to their mantra out of companies like Ubisoft. They could just withhold all the value they claim to create through voluntary participation in civil society. It turns out, though, that the only thing about blacktivist lives that matter is their potential for destruction. If white society had the balls to neuter nigger threats, we could finally move past the debate about whether black lives matter. It'd be up to any remaining sycophants to demonstrate their value without recourse to Burning, Looting and Murdering.

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You're forgetting they ran afoul of the left with one of their mobile games. A violent protest/rioting movement was being controlled by the villains to sow chaos and violence. So it isn't just reparations for women, but reparations to BLM as well. https://archive.ph/724eh

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I was a big fan of the Far Cry games, but they've been getting more and more ridiculously woke. The next game is literally celebrating communist revolutionaries and the developers were praising Castro etc. I'm done buying any of their products.

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I haven't bought a Ubisoft game for probably over a decade, maybe more.

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r6s siege is so shit im never giving them my money again

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3 was the last good one. 4 was okay. Trash after that.

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I had a decent time with 5, but the enormous amount of POC for that region of the states was pushing it, that and 99.9% of the bad guys were white.

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Yeah, that was the game that really started ruining it for me. Like 30% of the people were black in rural Montana, compared to the near 0% in reality. Couple that with the "strong independent women" (the black woman super sniper warrior, the Asian woman who is clearly a strong smart woman compared to her fumbling imbecile cuck husband, the bar owner, etc), the wise black preacher, etc and it just gets so tiring and irritating. I read a good article at the time by a black author who said it ruined the game for him because we all know damn well that there aren't remotely that many black people in that area. It just ruined the suspension of disbelief.

Then you get the follow-up where the main antagonists are two ghetto black girls, so you have to listen to their ghetto speak while being forced to suffer through the absurdity of pretending they're strong and wouldn't just be brutally murdered in short order by stronger males in the wasteland.

I bought that follow up on sale because the continuation of the Joseph Smith story looked interesting. But the woke bullshit really got under my skin.

Now finding out how the next game is a love story to communism and antifa, I just can't. Fucking sucks because I love the open world gameplay, but I just can't stomach that Marxist cancer any more.

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I don’t buy any products. I have a garden where I grow video games have laundry and car part trees. It’s the right way to live. Boxes on boxes on boxes on foxes. Lockses on the boxes and pet foxes.

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Show me your cock or shut the fuck up

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You can easily tell in Andromeda where the diversity hires touched it. Gameplay is rock solid, but stories, characters, facial animations, and plot were all liquid shit.

If you ignore every aspect of the game outside of exploration and combat, its a fantastic game.

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ME: Andromeda was mainly made by Biowares second class studio. Most of the developers there were tumblr nerds and diversity hires.

For example the often praised driving gameplay was developed by EAs NFS studio because the higher ups realized how bad that game was.

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Braindead retards will still keep buying AC and FC games. Trying to make them aware how fucked they're being by jewbisoft is a lost cause. Just name and shame them, so they serve as warning to others.

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Ubisoft is dead.

Don't buy anything they produce. ALL OF IT is propaganda masked as entertainment.

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FFS no one has the balls to stand up to the SJWs and cry bullies when they cry victim. Fuck off. If you can’t handle working with men go work at a female led company.

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What a literal cuck faggot.

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