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(((Sophia Narwitz))) is a fucking MtF tranny who's neither based nor redpilled

you sir are a faggot

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Good find. I didn't research the author; I only saw the headline and posted it. While the author is a mentally ill degenerate, the core of the article seems true based on links "it" provided.

Thanks, faggot.

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Whenever I see RussiaTimes, I'm struck by the irony that modern Russian media is common here, on a site which is generally regarded as antithetical to Antifa, who are LARPing as Russian Communists.

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Russia hasn't been communist since 1991.

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LOL. I guess I had you tagged as an idiot for a reason.

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A sliver of the population on Twitter doesn't have the right to boss the world around. Its a manufactured consent built on a farcical illusion.