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The same company that's looking to buy warframes parent company too..

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Yep, stopped playing years ago when they sold out.

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i haven't played for a while either, but wasn't following the game. how did they sell out?

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how did they sell out?

the title of the post you commented in

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[–] GutterTrash ago 

Not surprising. What aspect of gaming do they NOT own yet? Seems like that is a smaller list

[–] JonReed [S] ago 

i'm shocked at the dummies who spend money on this shit. have they nothing else to do with their life?

[–] GreatWhiteNorth ago 

Most game companies are these days, if not entirely then partially. Epic, Bungie, tons of smaller devs. (((China))) is buying and ruining everything.

[–] LegitimatePen ago 

The "chinamen are responsible for everything wrong" is a psyop to distract from the fact that kikes are causing all the problems

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China openly admits to following the blueprint for subversion that is used by Israel.

[–] GutterTrash ago 

They are all in kahoots. If it is not the jews, then it is the chinese or the muslims.

[–] ReadPastHeadlines ago 

To exist in China, you must be a Chinese company. This is why Diablo Immortal had to get outsourced/partnered and why GGG would sell half their company to a Chinese company.