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The game demonstrates once again that nostalgia sells

[–] knightwarrior41 ago 

name checks out Lol

[–] jewer ago 

good video, i lived the first two shenmue, i felt i lived them

I will never ever ever soil my memories by running this dumpster fire

thanks for the video

[–] knightwarrior41 ago 

no shit! lol

i played the first shmeue and i found it to be a piece of shit.never understood the cult following

[–] SimonWest ago 

Aren't all kick starters?

[–] jewer ago  (edited ago)

you need 200 million dollars in 2020 money to do shenmue 3, and he only got 7 million seed money.

Aren't all kick starters?

you must be gender specific.

female-led kickstarters have the ultimate over 50% fiasco result.

male-led kickstarters are only 15% dumpster fire failures

african amercican , diversity promoted, startups are even more of a dismal bait and switch failure model

[–] Nigger_Loving_Jew ago 

So was the first one. I'm pretty sure it was the first game with QTEs

[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 

I liked it. It kept the same relaxed pace as the first two games; the only letdown was the final part.

[–] CheeBooga ago 

I loved the first Shenmue. I bought III when it came out and it is horrible. They waited too long.

[–] derram ago 

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=FpNAKDx4CwY :

Shenmue 3 is a Terrible Game and I’ve Wasted My Life - YouTube

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