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@Alopix I hope someone smarter than that retard is archiving the sources in places that won't get removed (what kind of fucking moron thinks google will leave it on google drive?).

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Those are the fast mirrors. There are other links too.

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I am really interested in the sc for mario 64

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That's already public. They forgot to enable compiler optimizations for it, so a team of people were able to easily reverse engineer it and create a full compileable source which compiles into an identical rom https://github.com/n64decomp/sm64

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gigaleak 1 was all over , even that day on voat, but this is gigaleak 2

gigaleak 2:

Super‌ ‌Mario‌ ‌64‌ ‌

Mario‌ ‌Kart‌ ‌64‌ ‌

Mortal‌ ‌Kombat‌ ‌64‌ ‌

Star‌ ‌Fox‌ ‌64‌ ‌

NES‌ ‌Emulator‌ ‌for‌ ‌N64‌ ‌(“TFC”)‌ ‌

TLOZ:‌ ‌OoT‌ ‌(partially‌ ‌corrupted?)‌ ‌

Animal‌ ‌Crossing‌ ‌

Wario‌ ‌Land‌ ‌4‌ ‌

Dr.‌ ‌Mario‌ ‌64‌ ‌

TLOZ:‌ ‌Majora’s‌ ‌Mask‌ ‌

Wave‌ ‌Race‌ ‌64‌

The point of the leaks is to enhance machine emulators to add special mods to known roms to uprez and swap textures with 4k uprez, and to mod animation timings to allow 60fps 4K and other goodies.

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oh nintendo lol

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Snapped up Gigaleak I and II.

On a weird note: Argonaut apparently had a problem with porn on their internal net. There's messages about bestiality and pedophilia in there. SFC -> \ソースデータ -> StarFox2 -> BRIEF -> BACKUP -> HOSTDATA.DAT