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We can't say shit. THEY can say/support/ban whatever they want? We cannot even OPT OUT of steam, THEY can DEPRIVE us of OUR games at will.

Does that sound American to you?

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actually it does, since (((American))) companies just means they're jew'ed out the ass

and yes, steam WAS jew'ed from it's inspection

[–] theoldones [S] ago  (edited ago)

i no longer use steam as a videogame service. its the shittiest piece of hardware ever made.

non-steam versions exists

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oh shit? what game?

[–] theoldones [S] 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)


an 8 minute black screen with a timer

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It's just black lives matter, that's the actual name.

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based and redpilled

steams users dont fucking like it one bit.

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It appears they finally removed that non-game cashgrab scam from the store.

[–] sony7 ago