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Your so late on the bandwagon that the original video I was trying to find that depicted just how fucking cucked that game is has been banned


I uninstalled the game after coming across a native indian tribe that the game completely removes your ability to harm them. Even if you try going to a distance and sniping them thats how bad the game is.

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Well, some of us aren't as far along the path as others. I find that as I learned more about communism and it's atrocities, I became more sensitive to this stuff. Re-reading some of the sci-fi books of my younger days and it's appalling just how much of this progressive dogshit is in it.

I can't read most modern books, watch the movies, see the shows. It's all so layered in propaganda that I just can't do it anymore. I mean, why pay $60 for a game that's subtly telling you how much of a piece of shit you are and how you should just enslave yourself?

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Think that's why I shifted to weeb shit, not really much of that over their if at all.

Just gotta skip dubs, they inject that shit in the translation process.

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Yeah, your pretty much describing me as well.

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Damn yeah the game is very soyish, wish I could see the video though

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The hours of intro and tutorial do it no favors.

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Regardless it's such a slow game full of chores with a mediocre story that drags on far too long. First game was solid.

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no kidding, I rushed through the second half just so i could feel like i got my moneys worth

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Slower the better. I avoid missions that move the storyline along. But also because a lot of them are obvious leftist trash.

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I struggled to keep playing that game up until the late third act when I just put it down. The mission where you go help a coon kill an entire white militia was the most Anti White shit I think I've ever seen in video gaming.

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I was stupid enough to beat it, and it gets much worse after that. The second last act has you helping an Indian reservation by killing white soldiers. The moralizing in the story is so infantile, every time there is a cutscene with a native talking, all thats missing is sad violin music.

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American Krogan does a pretty good job of covering this crap in his RDR2 video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5opFTQmh3cZ3/

It's long, but well worth the watch.

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Escorting the woman's rights March was defintely heavy handed. Some of the hijinks you get into with the niggers actually seemed pretty realistic to me though. Overall, roaming the world and the hunting alone gives it a lot of replay value in my opinion.

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Yeah it sucks I had to turn it off after a few hours. Fuck that game, I gave it away.

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What finally made you put it down?

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The fucking Indian mission, where they just kept going on and on about, "white man bad, white man kill my people, need to help Indian because white man bad."

Like fuck this stupid faggot game

There were just a ton of these kinds of things, like sexist crap, other stupid shit, I could see it so easy and just thought, these motherfuckers did not give one fuck about anything like this. They would have never talked like this back then.

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I didn't finish the single player campaign, but the RDR2 Online definitely screamed "Made by Soy Cucks"

Nearly everything is RDR2 Online is controlled by women.

Online Story starts you off working for Strong Woman

Bounty Hunting is introduced and narrated by Strong Woman

Collecting is introduced and supervised by Strong Woman

Moonshining is operated and controlled by Strong Woman

The only portion of RDR2 Online not controlled by Strong Woman stereotype is Hunting & Trading, which is controlled by a retarded old white guy they intentionally designed to be a bum unworthy of respect.

I stopped playing the game. I got sick of the politics, and I will not be buying GTA6.

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