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So a kike ?

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No. Just a self-abasing and self-abusing communist shill.

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I think we are forgetting the most important question .....

3 balls or 3 boobs .....

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I am thinking of developing a new FPS game in which a normal, mild mannered gamer becomes so frustrated and enraged with all of the new games pushing SJW, progressive politics that he goes to Unisoft's offices and begins assassinating everyone connected with the decisions that led to the lack of worthwhile games.

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funny, the devs say Cuba is the main inspiration even though its destroyed by Communism not Fascism...

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if you go around shooting BLM and antifa then i'm buying a copy sadly this is not what tne game will be.

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An anti-fascist could be sharing the same goals with Russia and the Kremlin, specifically Putin.

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far cry has been cucked for a while now. only retards buy AAA. torrent everything by big companies.

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Isn't the dictator of Yara black???

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You play as a Schlomo Schlomowitz, an opressed bipolitrans-BLM member - 6 billion of his fellow kike people got turned into ash in this dictator country and your task is to liberate it by commiting actions of subversive manner, acquiring shekels and restoring health with soy syringes.

Seriously folks ... theres nothing even worthy of attention from the companies like Ubisoft, they have cucked and ruined their games loooong ago ... I recall playing FC1 as a high schooler and it was impressive then - even with cheesy story, it was still better than shit today. It had its charm. FC2 offered a unique feeling of being in Africa - in a sense of "Rhodesian light infantryman"... it sadly had its problems, but in my opinion was BETTER than FC3 in overall setting.

When FC3 came, everyone praised it, yet to me it was utterly shallow ... then every FC later became the same. At least the FC2 had the atmosphere and FC1 the story and mutants ( which felt many times unneccessary, but later I realized they were actually a good thing )

Forget about FC games ... its utter crap beyond repair. The new FC will be the same stale formula taken out from the dumpster and "recycled" for your consumation ... so dont buy it, dont play it ... theres plenty of other far better games with bigger depth.

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