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but the trannies and 95%+ amt. of brown people will stay in. another victory for gamers

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It's a dystopian future retard.

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I think there was a line in 1984 about that “everyone in the working class was short and brown” I’m paraphrasing obviously.

[–] Ocelot 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Except they will be glorifying trannies and niggers and promoting miscegenation.

[–] RandomFurryDude 1 point 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Who would have guessed a shitty dystopian future would have trannies and brown people!

Are you assuming that 100% white population could end up in such a shit-hole?

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The trannies and brown people are the causes of the dystopian future per the source material for the game

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You can have a dystopian future without trannies and niggers.

[–] user0451 ago 

Well, yeah. You gotta have something to shoot at.

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It’ll be full of propaganda nonetheless

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Just saw a post recently showing anti-jew propaganda and it had jewish propaganda in it. You can't get away from it, the stuff is in every crack of society.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

showing anti-jew propaganda and it had jewish propaganda in it.

Explain this?

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Don't worry, there will still be a bunch of big niggers fucking white women.

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uh huh, and we saw how this turned out when Ubisoft announced they're going apolitical

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Press X for doubt. CDPR cucked earlier and had a LGBTQP flag on twitter, uploaded an extremely cringy video with the sole purpose of being demonstrating how great multiculturalism is etc.

CDPR are no longer our guys, or at least not for long if things continue as they have from their end.

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CDPR only ever appeared to be "our guys" because the source material they borrowed was based on an entirely white universe.

They're still faggot game developers.

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By the time it comes out we will have had another martyr come and go.

[–] HookItUpDre ago 

I just want the game to release already but I understand the game needs to be polished

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