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Defacing the honorable Luftwaffe by equating them with the pathetic bastards they fought is simply unaccpetable.

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Voat has been flooded with Jew loving reddit "conservatives".

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Comment makes it clear: they want they're tranny fucking zombie game to receive all the accolades and this game is too great a rival.

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asian culture belongs to asian-americans. any other group, including actual asians, are identity colonizers.

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I really like this guy. His video on communism era built apartment buildings was hilarious and a nice walk through how other people's lives are lived.

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Vee is great, everyone likes to shit on him but he's the real intellect behind the all the 2016 centrists. Also I remember when he was a real nobody and used to say 'neeeeeeeeeeigers' all the time.

I don't always watch him because he's not super entertaining like Jim and comes off a bit whiny where LouisLeVau comes off like an Angry New Yorker but he is super consistent, puts in the leg work and has good well thought out takes always.

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I call cynical promotion.

Seems like AAA companies caught onto how much the general public hates cancel culture, so now there is always some SJW outrage over a new game just so people can support it to spite them.

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Leftists need to learn how to stop complaining.

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That would require them being happy. And to truly be happy you need to work on yourself.. That's not gonna happen bud

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Just like when that girl in Utah posted pictures of her Chinese style prom dress. She looked great, but some Chinese-Americans cried, "Culture appropriation!" Actual Chinese people told them to shut up and that they were honored the girl chose a dress from their culture.

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That idiot also incorrectly classifies the dress as some sacred traditional costume. It's simply a body fitting modern fashion outfit worn by young women to show off their curves. It has no traditional significance.

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Not only was it modern and not traditional, but it was inspired by Western clothing in the first place.

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Up voted for Leftwaffe!

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