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Faggots and Virtue signalers are everywhere.

It's like we need a secret army to go and push them back in their fucking underground holes where we don't have to have this shit in our face 24/7.

I don't care if you're a deviant cunt, i just don't wanna hear how it's special that you get shit dick and can't reproduce. I don't fucking care, go away. Die for all I care.

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It should be legally allowable to tell faggots and pedos that they're better off committing suicide or dead. The problem these days is that they DON'T have enough fear of being out in the open. Once upon a time, two men doing the above in public would have created a lynch mob in a record number of seconds. Now, people are so afraid of telling them to stop that they would rather look away. Fear conditioning is real. Remove the fear, and get the degeneracy.

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Yes to this.

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I don't care if you're a deviant cunt,

YOU are the problem

the fault rests on every motherfucker who thinks exactly as you do

No being gay Anywhere, lock them up and ship them off, or give them the rope. There are NO alternatives.

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Not gonna lie, allowing homo-fags to be around results in diddled kids which become homo-fags.

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GO fuck yourself you deluded twat. Nobody is shitting in your cornflakes and you guys worried about faggots are typically closet fags yourself.

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Fuck off - can't erase reality

Sorry you're such a pussy, grow a pair and come to terms with the real world. Gay people exist and are just as valid as your stupid ass

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Can we have just one good game without SJW propaganda being pushed down our throats? This is infuriating!

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Yes. You just have to eradicate all jews first.

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You shouldn't play games. They rob your life by tricking your brain chemistry

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I can't be tricked anymore. I used to love pouring time into games. Then I worked really hard for years and just didn't have the energy to invest a whole hour into meaningless shit. Then I worked in the film industry for 2 years and haven't been able to watch any movies or tv shows since. It's all so fucking fake.

So now I don't pay tax, train every day. I'm trying to get to Olympic level athleticism.

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Exterminate all kikes

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The kikings.

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No such thing as gay sex. FFS they masturbate each other

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What else is new? In progressive history world, everyone has fucked everybody. Have you noticed how obsessed the left is with sex? They can't stand it when indefiniteness exists in relationships because they need the sexual component of the fantasy in order to complete their limited view. Most of them are probably starved physically because they're so mentally fucked up.

I guess the point is that being a lefty is like having a permanent set of blue balls.

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I always wondered why they were so obsessed with sex, and then it dawned on me, jews project the same shit on everyone too. Ever talk to a jew, and out of nowhere they constantly talk about their heritage. Its so weird, and yet its the same playbook used by the minion branches of the perversion army. Its ehat happens when you start tying people's identities to politics, when you remove the politics, the person dies or radicalizes. All by design of course

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No strong black men and emasculated whites? Not buying this bullshit. Not woke enough. Needs at least one tranny too

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I'm positive there will be at least one black character. He'll probably sneak into Norway to free some Irish slaves (wait sorry scratch that, did Vikings ever take non-white slaves? We can't portray whites as slaves I don't think). A local blonde woman will be overwhelmed by how noble and strong he is, and run away with him back to his palace in Africa.

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The Vikings mainly took hot girls as slaves. I'm pretty sure Vikings never saw black people.

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I want the lead male character's wife to be fucked by the nigger stallion, while he watches and gets a hand job from a tranny hooker. Only way I'm buying this game.

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I fucking knew it. God fucking damn it every FUCKING time. I saw the trailer. No black vikings. Yes. Rape and pillage. Be a fucking viking. Held on to hope that it will be a good game. Tried to not be excited before I saw gameplay footage. I got excited anyway and of course they shit all over it. Fuck these game developers.

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Our Ancestors used to drown faggots in bogs, instead of hanging them so no one could see the shame of being a poop dick. Now the kikes are saying the proud races of Europe were homos. Done with vidya. It has fallen to kike control .

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