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Its the same cycle over and over

1) hire a team of commie woketards to work on a project

2) said team decides to make a product based on intersectional tick boxes rather than having any compelling story or relatability.

3) Woke disaster product is announced to the world, and everyone hates it

4) Team of delicate snowflakes get pissed and start hurling insults at potential customers

5) Customers give team and product a big middle finger, all except the most diehard consoomers

6) Big Tech Reviwers, trying to pick up the pieces of the disaster, attempt to write fluff pieces and blind praise and adoration is heaped upon the product. Anyone who does not like it is given a number of derogatory names (racist, sexist x-phobic) Numbers are faked across the board on all major outlets because product is not allowed to fail.

7) when this doesnt work, pull the victim card and claim ypu are getting abuse and threats from those who did not like product.

8)Rinse and repeat.

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6) Big Tech Reviwers, trying to pick up the pieces of the disaster, attempt to write fluff pieces and blind praise and adoration is heaped upon the product. Anyone who does not like it is given a number of derogatory names (racist, sexist x-phobic) Numbers are faked across the board on all major outlets because product is not allowed to fail.

I bet a large quantity of the reviewers are LGBTQ faggots. Jews are probably also disproportionately represented among the reviewers who gave perfect scores. On top of that a lot of youtubers rely on Sony to get free review copies before release, so they'd hesitate to give a bad review for fear of losing that business connection.

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Even Sony is in on this agenda. IGN and many other "reviewers" are, as well. Its all jewd. There's been a take-over. Many future games will be jewish degeneracy.

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Oh absolutely, conflicts of interest are abound in all facets of entertainment reviews. Even (and especially) youtubers. Youtube people will do anything for money so they don't have to get a real job.

It's big techs job however, to fool the normies who only casually use facebook.

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I think they are actually psychotic not LBTGQ. More LBTGQ are perhaps psychotic than normies but the left is mostly insane and will claim being LBTQ for "social points'".

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It's the same cycle over and over:

  1. Make a piece of shit that insults your customers and will cause them to swear they will boycott you
  2. Do it again
  3. ????
  4. Profit

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  1. Make the game everybody wants.

  2. Make a shitload of money off of gamers.

  3. Then make the israeli jew scum agenda game

  4. sit back and make fun of normal gamers for being angry.

  5. Profit off of the few retard die-hard gamers who buy it.

  6. Keep pushing jewish degeneracy

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There are really only 2 steps:



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Now this philosophy must be applied to every corporation who supports BLM

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The comments gave me a little holiday in my heart

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It's like an average Voat reading day.

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He probably Smolletted it. Why even write to him.

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It's amazing that these jews are reading that people are on to them, and they continue to pull the shit they do

[–] Rockfish1000 ago 

I believe the word they have for it is "Chutzpah".

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Anyone have the "yes" gif?

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Wow. I'm surprised anyone got that obsure reference. haha

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I read all the comments and they all seem to be spot on accurate. Neil Druckmann, like all Jews are subhuman.

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Jews are demons from hell. They are not human. They can shape shift to look like us.

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Literally, Demons! I can believe that. They emanate evil out of every pore of their bodies.

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I have a strange feeling that he made a mistake just now.

The tweets he showed everyone. The content they hold... It just may be enough for some normies to read and think "well... That does make sense, he doesn't really have a home... And he seems to have broken this game... What's it about? End of the world? And the first one had a man save a girl and fill a father role figure? Well what happened in the 2nd game??? The girl he saves pees on the guy and kills him??? And she's a tranny¿? Wow... Wtf!!! That's not really something that normally would happen in a non-zombie game right???"

I think this may be helpful guys.

Or I'm being too positive.

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"When someone shows you who they REALLY are... believe them."

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Maya Angelou quoted on Voat?!?!?

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I thought the same thing. I expected cherry picked rants from half-wits, name-calling him, with no context or explanation. Stuff he could have just made up himself, and passed off as real. Instead, he showed some red-pill material. Just shows how clueless he is, living in his little privileged bubble.

[–] dspfoisdafodsi ago 

for some normies to read and think

does not compute

[–] valleysunshine ago 

Angry violent semi literate rants will change no one's mind lol

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What you're witnessing is simply Jewish Privilege™

Every time a Jew fails the media goes into protect mode.


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“So why’d you decide to ruin and profoundly bastardize this anticipated video game sequel?” “Antisemitism...”

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Even in a Kike's revenge fantasy, the only work they contemplate doing is pushing a button.

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I watched Pewdiepie play thru the game (skipping most gameplay because it’s fucking boring as shit). LGBTQueer Ellie gets a pass twice by the main villain.. she/he/it? Abby fuckin let’s Ellie go twice throughout the game. No. Fucking. Point. Why would this roided-out he-she fuckin let Ellie go after killing Joel? And then Ellie tries to hunt down the bitch and when she catches up to her Abby lets her go. This game is one big face palm. It’s also got that forced scene with (((the Torah.))) I’m so glad this game is failing.

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Its not only a bad story but its a badly written bad story full of plotholes

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Intersectional characters can't be wrong in any way. But if the villain is intersectional, and the hero is intersectional, then neither of them can be wrong. They can't fight, because they're both so perfect and right.

It makes for horrible stories.

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So this comment gets 5 upvotes for watching Pewdiepie and mine about Reckful dying gets me comments telling me "just kill yourself faggot..." and "he's just a kike tween streamer..." HAHAHA

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TLOU3 - Abby keeps doing roids and looks like the Hulk and hunts down Ellie and kills her then rapes her corpse.

At this point it wouldn't surprise me. Honk honk

[–] SouthernCracker ago 

so...wait...you're saying the 3rd one will be good again?

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Why cant content creators these days just accept that they fucked up or that everyone doesnt like their shit?

They have to blame so called hate groups for their own inferiority complex.

Lots of people love that game and his work. He is rich.

Why would anyone in that position even READ hate mail?

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some are stupid NPCs living in echo chambers and bubbles fueled by the relentless faggotism of our corporate culture.

others are just evil kikes doing what is natural to them

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So he can further an agenda. YamaMaya said it best.

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Silly goyim, you just don't understand: to have that delicious feeling of being oppressed.

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Of course he is, he's a kike.

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