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You hear about the scandal in the Smash Bros community? Various pro Smash players who also stream were outed as pedos. Kids watch that shit since its a kids game.


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Yeah, the Smash Bros scene is reeling right now. I am glad though to see the community is as angry as it should be. But I guess it's not surprising that a kids game brought pedos with it. It's sick. My brother and I have have been playing Melee for a few years, it's funny because we both always got a creepy soy fag vibes from those players. Oh and naturally the Jewish players are fucking SJWs, fucking lol. But yeah not only were they kiddy diddlers but TOs were apparently complacent along with other people... I just don't get it man, I just don't understand how those people knew for years that players like Zero were actually sickos trying to fuck 14 year olds.

How can you know someone is a pedo and just do nothing about it? How can someone just be okay with that? It boggles my mind.


[–] i_am_the_warrior 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

I've been playing since 64, Ultimate was the first one I played more seriously because my friends enjoy the competitive rules, but I never went to tournaments and shit since like you said the community gave me soy vibes, even before the scandal just looking at the twitter accounts of people like Salem or Esam put me off with their raging SJW homo signalling. Its not just that the jews are SJWs, all the people who were outed were black or hispanic, the only innocent one who was outing others was Leffen who is a swede and labelled the "villain" of the community before lol.

It also gets worse, one of the famous commentators has a Jeffrey Epstein type of mansion where a bunch of the pros lived periodically, and they engaged in all kinds of degeneracy involving sex and abuse towards minors.

Its obvious why they didn't say shit, cuz of the money. Zero and Nairo made estimated up to 5 million with their tournaments winnings and sponsors combined, if they fessed up sooner they would have been fucked. But yeah its really depressing that something as innocent as Smash has been tainted by these fucks, I wouldn't blame Nintendo if they took some kind of legal action.