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Games (storywise) stopped being good at 2008.

What happened in 2007?

Big bang theory made geek culture popular to the normies / sheep

That's why there's this whole zoomer culture deal of buying vintage games, pennies on the dollar you can buy better quality games

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What happened in 2007?

Also, iPhone debuted.

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Also Obongo was 2008, that was the acceleration phase of the 16 year plan

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I been seeing this 2007 'big bang theory' here and there recently and more i think about , the more I think its true

Here's a few franchises that started going to shit and eventually went beyond shit:

1) Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4 (2005) - usually regarded top 20 games of all time


Resident Evil 5 (2010) - movie game / woke garbage

2)Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 12 (2006) - the game was KINO, had a lot of well thought out depth, not highly regarded but still a jrpg


Final Fantasy 13 (2009) - female version of cloud (Lightening), pink hair lesbian, the game is literally one directional walk, one of the worse game I ever played and complete, never bought another FF again

3) Call of Duty

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) - absoluetly the best lan party games, played it endlessly


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2010) - literally unplayable at launch, got rid of private servers, this game still pisses me off 10 years later.

There's probably other things about thsi 2007 'big bang theory' but think that when things started to get fucked

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Actually, time wise I more or less agree with you.

I feel the reason was more that as games became more internet connected, games could be published that were in a beta state and patched. So, then it extended to having downloadable addons, then downloadable skins, and ultimately games as a "service".

The reason old games are generally superior quality is that with cartridges especially, there is no update, it's gotta be complete and as bug free as possible. Now, the first group to buy the game are essentially paying to be beta testers.

The other factor is the feeling like fancy graphics can gloss over shit controls.

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Yeah, back 'in the day', if the game was buggy as shit, no one would buy it, and your company would fail.

Now buggy games are 'a feature'.


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The entire business model was created by Microsoft in the 90s.

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It's not just about early launch and patch later. It's about not allowing players to own and resell games.

Ultimately it's about making as much money off gamers without spending any money. 1 programmer can create crap content to sell if it's all digital

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I always blamed the Wii and NDS for getting casuals to spend money on video games and then Sony and Microsoft reacting by trying to get casuals to give a shit about them, too. Also, how did the theory about the big bang influence geek culture at around that time? Isn't that theory like at least decades older?

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Tiny hats seen the new shekels from these Zoomers and Normies. This is why the dlc push got big. Pay to win only rewards those that can afford it. So the best thing we can do is pwn them with better skills.

[–] Bobtheviolent ago 

The best we can do is not buy or play anything that has pay to win

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I wasn't going to buy Trash Bandicoot 4 anyways, but if it helps with the boycott anyways, consider me on board!

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Entire statement is fedorable virtue signaling, anyway.

The 5 people total this thread actually influences financially are as effective as a White House Petition to get something changed.

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If a videogame company starts to mix making games with political statements or trying to school me on shit i ditch it. If they act like greedy jews i ditch them. I don't ever consider buying a game unless their developers are commited to making good games and keeping that separate from their beliefs. I'd say it's common sense, but sadly for the normies it isn't so these practices become more common among devs.

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You know, "greedy jews" and "capitalism" is the exact same thing in this context

[–] Koosy ago 

I think there are also greedy non-jews.





[–] Wahaha ago 

I don't know about that. Hearing capitalism I don't immediately think scam/deception/rip-off.

[–] Notimportant36 ago 

That's exceptionally rare. Some of the best games had single developers or small teams and an idea, of course everyone looks to the AAA titles that are just jokes now that just pump out more of the same and now includes ways to get people coming and going.

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I'd join you, but I'm already boycotting every game that isn't sold physically and runs natively on Linux.

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In other words you don't game.

[–] ABastionOfFreeSpeech ago 

[–] Wahaha ago 

Nonsense. Just yesterday I played Wolfenstein 3D, which does have a version that does run natively on Linux and used to be sold physically. Also, Linux got pretty much all emulators that you could wish for.

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Good luck. Children and female "gamers" will continue to dump money on garbage.

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Stfu. Some of us are actual gamers and happen to be women. None of my friends are buying this shit.

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Blow me and I'll buy you another premium accessory for your character

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You know the rule, tits or GTFO.

[–] Wahaha ago 

So none of your male friends are buying this shit, but you do? How are you contradicting @spaceman84

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This bullshit should have stopped 10 years ago, but it won't. It's too lucrative.

Even if 99/100 gamers spend $5 on a game (total: $495), if one "whale" spends a $1000, they are worth twice as much as the 99 other gamers. This is the economic secret behind micro transactions in modern games and the success of Valve, Fortnite and everything that is similar. Underlying that is the broken psychology of "whales" who are either people with a ridiculous amount of disposable income or people with a lack of impulse control (or both). Nothing about micro transactions will change as long as it's legal to exploit whales. Should this be outlawed? I don't even think so. I'm fine with dumbasses being milked for money. I never participated in this stupidity. It's actually kind of funny that this business model even works. Game companies that do this probably become less innovative because they can't stop rolling on the floor, laughing about how much money they are making.

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Only faggots play on Microsoft / Sony hardware.

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There's 20+ years of incredible pre-internet connectivity games out there already to experience fuck these new shitty games

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