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I am trying to not support Microsoft directly or indirectly because they openly support faggotry. It is nice to hear that a game is not full of sjw garbage for once.

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you know it's made by kikes right?

and it's an ok game at best, it's like child of light, trying to cash in on emotional soyboys who think artsy platformers are "good vidya"

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How is it made by kikes? The dev studio seems to be located in Austria unless you're talking about microsoft's involvement?

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Gennadiy Korol Gennadiy studied Computer Science and Computer Graphics at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, earning a B.Sc degree for which he obtained the ‘excellence prize’ from the faculty.

Following his passion for Computer Graphics and Visual Effects, he started working as a hobbyist programmer, designing and developing numerous tools for high-end computer graphics applications such as Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max. His skillset attracted attention amongst industry professionals and after gaining widespread acclaim, he was offered a position as a Senior Graphics and Tools Engineer at the Feature Film Animation Studio Animation Lab, where he worked on a motion picture called “The Wild Bunch”.

In the years following his work on feature films, Gennadiy led development teams on various software startup projects. In 2010, Gennadiy Korol and Thomas Mahler founded Moon Studios GmbH and signed a development and distribution deal with Microsoft Game Studios in 2011 for ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’


Ori is a Hebrew given name, for males and females which means "my light”. Also a name from the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah chapter 60). A female name with a similar meaning and sound is Orit (meaning "A small light") from Wikipedia