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How is it switch when it doesnt go from handheld to tv mode? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. But this is Nintendo and it will still sell like soycakes when a proper pokemon comes out layer this year

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This is aimed at the japanese market and kids in western countries.

A cheaper, sturdier model for children. Nintendo's handheld market has always been a big seller, so this works for keeping the kids entertained in the back seat of the car, in the shopping cart, doctor's office, etc. while racking up more sales.

The japanese market doesn't utilize their living room the same way westerners do. Gaming is heavily skewed toward private and mobile areas. Such as on the train, bus, or any other form of public transportation.

So though it's not aimed at me or you, it's just a matter of getting the unit into the hands of other potential consumers.

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I am not surprised at all to see this after seeing the 2DS aimed specifically at children and being designed as a durable Drop me I dont give a fuck handheld device.

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Doesn't matter. It is Nintendo, not only will the sheep lap it up but knowing them they will release several more editions. I am surprise not too many people realize this is mainly done as a response to people finding hardware exploits that pave the way for homebrew. So if you feel like sticking it to them you can get an old model and hack the shit out of it and load it up with your own content.

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Which is why I might get one of these, so I can hack my original.

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when a proper pokemon comes out layer this year

Kek. You should find all the high quality animation gifs of what's easily the worst AAA games this year.

The Switch Lite will sell well until the poor control design makes it unusable a year from release. Stick drift on the left joycon sucks, and is quite common. They use resistive pads to detect motion instead of rotational potentiometers like normal joysticks. They'll wear from normal usage no matter what you do, even with taking the controller apart to clean. I also suspect they'll use the faulty D-pad from the Switch pro controller that does multiple inputs half the time you press on a direction.

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The CPU components in current switch are under 5 dollars in bulk. I think even at 199 dollars they are making over 100 dollars profit

It wont be the current 3 dollar chip , it will be a new faster colder chip ;


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Can I use a Switch Lite as a controller for the Switch? Answer: No because Nintendo is a bunch of dumb cunts.

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why would they take out the tv mode? This is the dumbest move since they forgot the headphones on the GBA SP.

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i agree

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Ever since its inception people keep sucking off the idea of its mobility. It may appeal to them, but then again, they are the type of people that already bought the original one to begin with.

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Just what I didn't need!

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i would buy it if just my eyes wouldnt be dimming.i cant hardly see on a small screen even with glasses on.otherwise i could buy this

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Thats a very good new.

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All I want is a decent android device with some gaming controls for my emulators. Something like the xperia play but newer.

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GPD XD. Its an android pocket emulator on j the form factor of a DS (except one screen instead)

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Nice. I want it.