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I wonder when the Islamic world will catch up.

I'm not gonna waste my time wondering when the Jews will catch up.


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The problem is when you think that "stone age" is worse than "progressive liberal western age."

Stone age people figured out that there are 2 genders.

American professors are saying that gender is a spectrum and gender is fluid.

You might argue that "b b b but muslims fuck little girls!" Here's a shock therapy for ya, marxist elites in the west fuck both little girls and little boys and even have snuff parties. And guess what, pakistani police is trying to close grooming gangs in pakistan, meanwhile british police is PROTECTING grooming gangs. Let that sink in for a second.

Let's not pretend that the west today is superior because it isn't. It is pathetic to see a kid getting sent off from school because he stated facts like "there are 2 genders."


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Yeah, but most of those problems are caused primarily by kikes and only secondarily by their delusional progressive pets.


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it would help if the far left would stop making excuses for them...



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This is retarded and also not gaming related. Sex with a child was already illegal. This only blurs the important legal distinction between forcible rape and statutory rape.


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Yet still legal in the US. Soph has a great vid on the subject


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Wooden fucking axe


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Ok, but there are many states in America in which marrying and fucking an underage girl is completely legal.


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For the jews of course?!


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Actually it only apples to 15 to 17 yo married girls. 14 and under was and still is considered rape married or not. Some US states have a similar age of marriage and consent. I do agree with you that it is tribal primitive. I think Hawaii allows two 16 yo people to marry.


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Legal or not legal the law never applies to marxist elites like Joe Biden.


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I bet this is NOT ENFORCED IN PUNJAB INDIA, or in border area of Muslim Indians near Pakistan!

Indians marry and rape 8 year olds constantly in many locations.

In northwestern india , muslims and sikhs marry 6 year olds and have sex with them at age 8.5 by the thousands, even in 2019 !

Amazing Fact !!!! Indian Sikhs AND Indian Muslims are both Pedophiles !

12 years old is common, as is 8 years old for Sikhs, they generally like to claim they don't do it, but they do. 6 year old child brides (female) are common in epicenter of Sikh world : "Ludhiana, Punjab, India"

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the LEADER of the Sikh Empire and had had twenty wives, as was Sikh custom.

His first wife of twenty wives was 12, Mehtab Kaur, but he was trying to get a healthy heir with first wife, not a child bride, the child brides came later.

Punjab = Sikh region, and Punjabis even in 2019 love their little girls.

Millions of depraved people in Punjab region love little girls and it is vastly a sikh stonghold.


Sikhs marry 6 year olds in India, similar to prophet Muhammed (a Muslim) marrying his favored wife at age 6! (multiple texts)


"Islams prophet Muhammad got married to a 6 year old girl & had sex with her when she was ONLY 9. He was over 50. ":


And Sikhs marry children just like muslims do. Hundreds of news articles attest.

Though Indian region Sikhs generally marry their sex slaves at age 12, some like them 8 years old nowadays, similar to towel-head muslims :


That news outlet says "Every year, millions of Indian girls are married as children. In some instances the brides are no more than 4 or 5 years old. "

Technically Sikhs try to no longer marry little girls, but ban teen girls from shaving, yet loathe hairy girls :


Sikh believers, including women, are refrained from shaving and trimming their hair. This is a part of their faith, and revealing that FACT got the author of Harry Potter (JK Rowling) in big trouble by UK Sikhs in UK for mentioning the fact that Sikh women cannot shave their legs, or wax their vulvas. This creates greater aesthetic value on prepubescent girls to Sikh men. (look it up!)
"The average age to get engaged is 5 or 6 ! " :


IT IS A COMMON LIE for a Sikh to claim they are far more chaste than a Muslim. They are only a little more chaste than a muslim.

TL/DR: In 2019, across India, many Muslims and Sikh's marry 6 year old child bride females, and have sex with them at age 8.5, Like Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him)!! Rape of Christian Infidel children is also permitted (if Muslim, not Sikh)

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