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i was thinking how ironic it really is that all the wars were just created to profit elite and not even really country vs country but pawn vs pawn and how weird it is we play games about war. people argue 'that's not real WWII blah blah' and really it's all kind of not real.

video game industry actually goes kind of deep with the elite normalizing violence etc. also keeping people attached to a screen for long periods of time. some games have been said to have subliminal messages. patents that apply to monitors controlling your nervous system.

tom hanks got medal of freedom from obama he's another pedo. it's everybody. no one is safe. just wait til truth about Ambrosia comes out and people start learning about transfusion of children's blood to live longer and how many of the elite do THAT. shouldn't shock you but it might. they have sex with children, use their blood to stay younger/live longer, eat children (some).

psychopaths. i like battlefield better anyways.

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Play Insurgency: Sandstorm and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, those are good shooters man.

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awesome i'll check it thanks buddy

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Every tech company is headed by this trash. Even Blizzard.

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Every giant corporation, period. Healthcare, retail, food industry, you name it: they're there and they appoint their equally corrupt loyalists underneath them. It all seems to stay running on govt. subsidies, because it's so dysfunctional.

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By design not disfunction.

Gamers should tackle gamer issues. Those who want to tackle other issues, focus on those issues and win.

They want project veritas shut down; because that’s how you take down corruption.

Corruption exists in the dark. Shed some light!

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I would not be surprised if that piece of scum were involved in something like that. Scum is scum.