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Easy fix - stop buying big AAA titles unless they're actually decent. The most popular recent modern game purchase I've made was probably Hollow Knight (well worth the shekels).

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I would also add to not look to the graphic candy, but look for the smaller dev studios that actually care about the quality of their products.

It's harder to find, but they are out there, and with improving dev tools that are cheap/ free, it's only a matter of time before some up and comers make some AA competition.

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I would also add to not look to the graphic candy, but look for the smaller dev studios that actually care about the quality of their products.

Like "Angry Goy 2"?

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That would be the day. So far what I have been seeing is based indies getting big enough that they can afford to get woke. They piss off their user base and if they are lucky then a major studio would pick them up to continue producing woke crap.

While it is easier than before to create something that does not need to be tied down to the throws of politics, it is also easier than before to flood a marketplace with utter garbage. I keep running into quality games that never get the time of day because no one ever hears about them.

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It's really hard out here, though. The journalists still hold control of a lot of the audiences that generate income. You need to actively interact with your consumers, build up a game to a playable state, then keep developing it until it reaches up a point where you can "close" it and the public is always demanding, not knowing you do not have the structure to attend to every whim. Worse yet, people today have a lot of trouble finding good indie titles. For example, there's this amazing game called Haven and Hearth, build mostly by two dudes, under development for about ten years. They cannot publish and tell people about their game because no one wants to know about it. There's no way to reach the gamers, unless you are very insistent with Steam, that cuts your profits off greatly (it's either that, or sell your soul to China with Epic).

It's very tough today to compete with triple-A, but I can say with absolute certainty good titles are still being developed and published. The problem is indie devs sell a good first product, then sell their company to bigger ones and completely kill their momentum, centralizing even more the production. You know, the old "good studio is bought by big studio, now it is bad studio" idea. And worse off, it's tough to keep up what the old people will go to. For example, Diablo II was one of the best games ever made, but little do people know the devs behind it were actually Blizzard North. Where are these guys? No one knows. and that is the huge problem here. There is no media to tell the people what the good guys are up to, since everything is bought for. The indie media still tries to cover just triple-A and sidelines indies until they took off already.

Want to see another great example of an indie game? Kenshi. How much did you see off Kenshi these days? Just random youtubers . No media pick-up. So, bottom line is, modern gaming in triple-A is almost completely dead. Indie developing is still strong but have no ways to compete with triple-A with casual play, just select determined player bases.

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Rimworld is glorious. Play a bit before modding. Nothing is off limits. 2D top down. If dwarf fortress, firefly, sims, and a psychopath had an orgy.

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buy witcher 3, if a 4 comes out mabye buy it but be warned the (((left))) will destroy all it touches

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3 was already showing some signs of pozzing. Geralt went from bedding the women he rescued (women falling for their rescuers is a well documented phenomenon) to being insulted by them.

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it has some poz but there is a fucking hilarious quest in heart of stone dlc where you crash a wedding as a ghost is possessing geralt. Your female companion asks you to not embarass her. I asked the groom if he was getting a large dowry for his rather plain bride

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Yeah, Witcher 3 is on my radar if I get a beefier PC one of these days.

[–] Warmoose76 ago 


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Hollow Knight is great.

Try Darkest Dungeon.

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Darkest Dungeon

I'll second that, it's a fuckin' great game.

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Slay the Spire is dope.

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Give Katana Zero a try imo.

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apparently all the news sites and liberals are calling mordhau "racist cesspools of hate and toxicity" so its probably decent. its a medieval fighting game that honestly looks really similar to chivalry or mount and blade, but updated mechanics like weapon stance switching and stuff.

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"racist cesspools of hate and toxicity"

So basically, a game that is not anti-white?

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100% of the playable characters are white males from what I understand. The dev has also taken a stand not to censor chat and spoken speech.

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They didnt have enough transgender shitpits.

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Every game I would redpill about Jews

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That was how I knew that game was awesome. If it goes the extra mile to piss off SJW fucks then the game must be great. It is only a matter of time before that horse gets beaten to death

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i am not sure the devs actually did anything to piss them off tbh. only things i can think of is that its a smaller studio so they dont have time to put in a chat filter so the SJWs probably got triggered by someone calling them a cunt... or that they didnt make proper black skin textures so they have only white guys/no girls in it lol.

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Libcucktards need censorship to survive lest they destroyed perpetually by everyone who isn't retarded. Bean counters pander to the numbers and are cucks themselves.

I got sick of it all and said fuck gaming. Fuck windows 10 as well. I'll go play RL instead of fucking off on a computer.

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Everything gets ruined when goes mainstream because the nose smells potential profit, buys up the industry, and milks until it's dead.

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When will WORK come back into style for game development in MOST games....flush toilets, unscrew (or break) light bulbs, open drawers, doors...JUST like reality...INTERACTIVE environment, sometimes (mostly) with NO bearing on the game at all. FUCK realistic looking stone walls and fire/explosion effects (STILL can't do surf)!

Plus I don't want niggers or feminists in my gaming worlds. White guys play these games. Let the freaks have their OWN gaming franchises FOR A CHANGE. They are ALWAYS invading OUR successes. WHY don't they do something ON THEIR OWN??? WHO is STOPPING THEM? They are simply fucking PARASITES!!!

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All AAA diversity hires can do is copy and paste, recycle the same shit that was given to them. Their value is adding in some from of faggotry and calling it a job well done.

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EXACTLY. Happening ALL OVER. Try customer service at Spectrum/Time Warner OR do BUSINESS with Bank of America. Fucking horrific. ALWAYS niggers OR East Indians and/or women.

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It's just catching up with the rest of the entertainment industry, which got jewed hard after 9/11 and hasn't made anything good since.

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The same thing has happened with the internet in general, to be honest. Pre-2000 it required a bit of savvy to get online - now these days every Tom, Dick and Harry has a phone which connects to it. And now, every fuckwit SJW spews their stupidity online and expects you to cater to their needs.

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Shit my wife spent good money on "A plague tale: innocence" which LOOKED fine.

But in the end it's got only 3 elements: graphics, voice-acting and story.

It's barely more than an interactive story. There is no skill. There are no choices. Game is for deadbeat idiocracy champs. Its difficulty is fake. It is a glorified platformer a la super mario bros. Which was fine in the 1980s.

But that "game" has the player do EXACTLY THIS at the EXACTLY RIGHT TIME. That's it. So you try and try again until you find a way. It's not smarter, it's just dumb and it's just ARBITRARY.

And look at the review score. Sigh.

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Game is for deadbeat idiocracy champs.

That pretty much sums up video gaming beyond childhood. Play the game of life. Stop wasting your time on video games.

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Wow, Mr. Authority is here. You da bossman rite? What do you think I am, your inferior? Ha! Who the FUCK do you think you are to judge how people live their lives?

I enjoy playing games. It helps me be less trigger-happy with my trading stocks. It also is one the the other rare few things I can "do" without moving around.

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Battle Brothers

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