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This is hilariously retarded and I'm glad they got 10x+ the downvotes. Even the normies who hate Nazis are like "no let me play as the Nazis sometimes" and the more they try to take away people's outlets for such things, the more people will crave it.

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It's, in fact, a huge fuck up for them, in the same way conservatives fucked with young people saying that videogames radicalized people, now they are doing the same, pushing the new generations even further away from them.

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This is exactly what happened with NPCs and Star Wars. I forget the context. What I do recall was there was a poll that asked people what side they were on and I believe 20 something percent of people they were on the side of the New Order.

Under any normal demographic you will have people pick sides to any entertainment product with it being met with a mutual respect.

HOWEVER, with NPCs, they flipped out and bitched about how Star Wars should be killed off completely because those 20 something percentage people are literally NAZIS and that is a problem.

How backwards these fucks have fallen when they get bent out of shape over people playing ROLES in GAMES.

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Palpatine did nothing wrong.

[–] skullfuku ago 

That's how "Nazi Tranny" became a prostitution- and porno genre. Sometimes I think the downfall was the downfall of normalizing normalcy.

[–] skullfuku ago  (edited ago)

That's how "Nazi Tranny" became a prostitution- and porno genre. Sometimes I think the downfall was the downfall of normalizing normalcy.

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EC is trash, they supported the use of lootboxes, and tried to make the claim that AAA games should cost $90+ and that gamers are whiney bitches for wanting games to stay around $60.

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video games are only worth as much as the bandwidth they take up when downloading from pirate bay.

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Fitgirl Repacks: Challenge accepted.

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The games were all made decades ago (except absurdities like Star Citizen, lolz) and all they are now is prettier graphics and more poz. The writing is often worse than average fan-fiction.

Exploiting social networking/status/identities is unfortunately where all the value is. Gamers have to learn to love the classics, just like in anything else.

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EC is trash

Apparently, from what I vaguely recall, the guy behind EC is some games design professor at some university somewhere. He's never made a game that I know of, but he's overly preachy and especially political. He's as betafaggot as you can get and every goddamn thing he says is simply dripping with condescending egotism like he knows for certain that he knows better than everyone else about everything.

[–] PeacefulAssassin ago 

true, he also harassed a woman for dumping him or for not going out with him, and smeared her name and tried to get his friends and her friends to abandon her.

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What's hilarious about this is that if you gave the players the option of CHOOSING to play as the Nazis or not, then you'd be fostering a community of players that WANT to play as them. This seems to be worse, from a liberal perspective, than the game randomly assigning the role to the player. This is precisely the sort of thing that developed in Day of Defeat back in the day. You had basically a hardcore group of players who would always play as Nazis.

The only other option would be to have the computer AI be the Nazis every time, which wouldn't be much fun.

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And Heroes & Generals, Day of Infamy, etc. Yes, the nazis are still popular, and rightly so!

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Yep, same with WWIIOnline, except in that game everyone played as the Germans 1) because their shit was cooler than the French and British and 2) because they usually won.

I don't remember people bitching about those players being muh nazi sympathizers but then gaming was also largely faggot free in the early aughts.

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All politics aside I play as the nazis in Red Orcesta because I prefer the K98 to the Moisin

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Anyone who isn't a totally bluepilled faggot would rather play as the Nazis

[–] skullfuku ago 

... and then blow up all those diversity NPCs?

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So are we going to see a ww2 game without germany in it? I'm sure it will go over well using black men and white women fighting japan as their enemy.

[–] Zoldam ago 

I could settle if it was the US + UK vs. USSR

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Jewtube blocked me from saying “shut up faggot”.

[–] fightknightHERO ago 

faggot is actually a censored word

both faggot and nigger automatically deletes the comment

to avoid this use these



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I want to see a game where being a National Socialist is being virtuous, hard working, honest and somewhat prosperous, while the communists get sent to the Gulag and the allies get brainwashed into believing that the nazis are evil and doing evil things.

Some people would say that would be too delirious to be believable.

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A realistic game?! That would be cool, lots of blood gore and screams of the dying. Then maybe people wouldn't be such disconnected arrogant pricks IRL

[–] demonlord20 ago 

Well the Nazi's were evil and did do evil things, you should change it to Wehrmacht instead.

[–] Horrux ago 

What, the Nazis were evil? Dude, put down the kool-aid. Toxic shit that.

[–] fightknightHERO ago 

Project 1942 wanted to do just that... they were shoah'ed from Patreon and never heard from again (probably gulagged IRL)

[–] goship ago 

This sounds cool, with one exception. Socialism never works, it always ends up with forming a privileged super class that preys on the "collective" money. There is no way around it, public money = corruption.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. Where are the privileged super class in Norway? Please show them to me, for I fail to see them.

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