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This is from Clickhole, a satire site like TheOnion

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This sounds fake but looking back DK64 had a bunch of jiving gorillas listening to rap and rap is as jungle gorilla noise as it gets.

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Remember when niggers rioted because H&M made that "coolest monkey in the jungle" t-shirt? Niggers know they're monkeys. Even the slightest reference to it makes them chimp out.

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Well his first game was Radar Scope, not DK, and he didn't work on DKC, as implied by this image.

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"Use the force, Frodo."

-- Adolph Picard

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I used to think that Nintendo were Our guys.

tuns out there is only 1 Nintendo sore and a 2nd one has been planed.

There is one is NYC and the 2nd will be in Israel

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Try not to cum goy

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Too late Rabbi. Will you forgive me?

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Yeah, philosemitism is a thing in east asia.

It's natural for japs to acknowledge impressive jewish subversion skills. After all japs are trying hard to culturally subvert other cultures too. The fact that there's millions of chinese, korean, and other asians liking japanese culture today is a humiliation if you consider the war history. Look at pretty much all of the video games made in Asia (that isn't japanese game), the artwork are mostly japanese style, why? Because these gooks grew up with japanese entertainment, you had japanese cartoons airing on their TV and shit (member that jews also use cartoons to subvert western goyim).

Now we have chinese devs literally paying japanese people to voice act their games because their own chinese consumers prefer japanese voice acting. Imagine how a ww 2 veteran chinese soldier would think when seeing that their great grandchildren is a weeb.

Japanese is one of the few groups who try hard to push their culture to other group, the other being Jews and Muslims. Japan even have a government ministry that's responsible for cultural propaganda today...

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Anglos too.

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Nintendo was our guy until Iwata died. RIP the real Nintendo. Iwata was a businessman, but he was also a gamer. The new president is just a business head.

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it's already built actually

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Truly the smartest individual in the gaming industry.

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“Often times I watch YouTube videos titled “ you laugh you lose!” However these videos are often funny and I laugh.

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"...so yes, I would call that bad video design."

- Pewdiepie

on his revolutionary career at YouTube

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Just keep him away from the stories. Once he has a gimmick in mind everything else burns down.

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RIP Paper Mario

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It left us too soon.

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I always loved and admired him. Now even more. Thanks for sharing.

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