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One out of three of these are actually written by Jews trying to track the "evil hateful white people".

You should never install these on your main computer. The fact that you can buy it using bitcoin is OK, but running it will probably contaminate your machine and "out you" by covertly communicating out of your browsers DLL space at a later time.

Why jews ?

1 -- To create News that there are anti-jewish people in the world and jews are victims again.

2 -- Controlled Opposition

3 -- Infest and infiltrate their enemies computers.

hate hoaxes are real. 35% are listed here :


THIS one is very light on "niggers" and "beaners" and demonizes CHRISTIANS and TRUMP... Hmmmm (((Who))) would like to demonize those two.?


A game like this written by non-jews would show the Muslims trying to stab you, Muslims trying to blow up, Blacks running up to assault you, Beaners giving birth all over and talking spanish and spray painting, etc.

This game is probably the "one in three written by Jews". They will get more clever next time.

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The Replacement Theory is mainstream now. Jews wont be able to fool anybody anymore

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They will always be able to fool those who want to be fooled. And the mostly easily fooled are the cowards who don't want to fight.

[–] OurGoy ago 

At this point it's not a theory it's actually mostly done at this point and some still don't see it lol. Just look at youth populations by race.

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I would still play it in a VM or on a Cloud PC. Or you could just gas your PC afterwards...

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gas your PC

Heh heh... you said "gas"


Is "gassing" your PC the "final solution" to the problem?

[–] PoundMe2 ago 

Sounds like you're one of the kiwi faggots who let their country become a hotbed for terrorism and spying.

[–] googoogagaimababy ago 

Do we need to get over the idea of being “outed”? What’s the plan here? Are we gonna all be secret nazis forever and then unanimously strike when the right moment comes? Or should we start outing ourselves? Letting people know where we stand. And giving them the opportunity to stand with us.

Sincerely asking. I’m bad at hiding my power level.

[–] yob ago  (edited ago)

If you go to university , they can try to kick you out. If you have a job, they can fire you. These fascist libtards try to ruin lives because their arguments and words cannot stand up to scrutiny. Only self employed mobile professionals, and retired people can safely become pariahs of the leftist thugs. Even then... some get shot. You do need to let everyone know your opinions exist, just not that they are opinions from you.

Or you can support movements with your CASH, as typically is done, if you cannot safely donate your time.

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Oh no! People playing a video game they want in their free time!

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So because it's video games, you can't ask any questions? "Not when it's MY hobby, MY hobby is protected"?

It's as fair to criticise video games as it is to criticise the LGBT+ crap.

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Fuck off faggot. Your kind are on reddit and tumblr. Go back to your AIDS infested life style.

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I've played it, it's not polished or anything, but for 14.88$ I happily invested in it.

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Can you bit torrent it for us? pretty please (with a dead kike on top).

[–] ConfirmedSRSShill 3 points 1 point (+4|-3) ago 

That's called stealing. Buy it yourself faggot. If you can't afford $15 to support free speech, you need to make better decisions.

[–] LazyJello9 ago 

I don't know if the crack will work, but yeah sure I'll zip it and post it here to gaming sometime in the next day or so.

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I want to buy it, but not if the $$ is going to the kikes. If it is a Russian college student (punk) - hell ya, I'm buying it!

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levels set in gay nightclubs

The Pulse Nightclub shooter was a gay Muslim terrorist.

[–] fightknightHERO ago 

was he really gay or was just the SJW culture eating itself?

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He regularly went to Pulse before shooting it up after being rejected.

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it's not even a good vidya tbh, plays like an early access game made with asset flips (and memes)

i think i'll wait for Angry Goy 3...

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Most meme games play out like this it seems.

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bruh, play angry goy (1&2) then see if these are "meme games"

i'm dead serious when i say Angry Goy 2 was better than Hotline Miami

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A video game is sick and wrong, but a 10 yo stripping for adult men is ok?

[–] sane ago 

That's a very good , valid short observation, and wise.

(((Media))) choses the narrative of what culture should accept.

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Aw shit, here we go again.

If you don't like it: Just don't buy it. Don't play it. How does cyber bullying even exist? Turn of the screen, nigga close your eyes.

[–] ShinyVoater ago 

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