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Why in the holy niggers would any platform or service issue any sort of reprimand against a user when when they themselves supply each of those users with the ability to silence, from their end alone, another user?

Why not completely forget even making those functions available to players? Whether it's a block, a mute, or something similar, it's senseless to add such a feature only to police speech.

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I've seen more screeching about this specific thing from a far left "userbase" than I have from the media themselves. Infuriatingly condescending emotional rhetoric like "oh and if you're one of those terribly toxic people who thinks 'just use the mute function' is an acceptable response, you're part of the problem" and "people who think WE should mute others are actually saying 'we deserve a toxic space and you should go somewhere else' and demand that online interaction be awful, offensive garbage" and the like.

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The reason they want certain speech restricted is so that other speech is not. For instance, narratives about certain people suffering from a "holocaust" would be allowed while those dissenting from said narrative would not be allowed to express their views.

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Control of the language gives you control of the people.

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It goes against their programming of seeking a higher authority. They've been taught that to right any wrongs you need to seek out the higher authority, for most of them that means government intervention. Now, government can be several things but in this context, it literally means highest authority.

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I knew the game was based when I could say nigger uncensored.

[–] GutterTrash ago 

I have never see this game but the way I knew it was based and had to be good were all the bullshit coordinated hit pieces against it. They do not seem to realize that these affects just encourage others to support the games out of spite.

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Annnnd... that game goes on my wishlist.

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You mean use a tool thousands of players already use in other competitive online games? Clearly a move supporting bigotry /s

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Good to see they've decided to push back instead of roll over like they were indicated earlier.

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"But then I can't enjoy the game!"

Well, if we did what you want, almost nobody would be able to enjoy the game.

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Yes! Finally devs that stand up to the outrage cuck soy boy infested self proclaimed journalists!

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Fucking about time... I agree with this.

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