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A society so ethnically fractionated and socially oppressive, devoid of human interaction and intimacy... that stupid sites like twitch and chaturbate make hundreds of millions of dollars! Wow! And that's not even how much they're going to be making once it all hits critical mass!

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there will be blockchain alternatives. youtube may have "invented" the idea, but imagine bitchute applies the concept without any of the overhead... boom. mass migration and no need for advertising. for now this is just part of the development process

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Blockchain will save us from our social ills.

[–] Wahaha ago 

Isn't Bitchute just normal streaming? They promised P2P at the beginning but I don't remember them ever managing to do just that.

[–] selpai ago 

How is Youtube implementing block-chain?

[–] Ctrl_Alt_Llama_ 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

"Thanks for the money IceWallowCome"

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If that doesn't work, try drinking some estrogen. Alcoholics love those female hormones. "Why am I crying watching sportsball?"

[–] MadoffShillter ago 

Don't forget, titties whenever you want to squeeze some!

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Why can't these Twitch thot watching freaks jerkoff to MyFreeCams like a normal person?

I'm just assuming for whatever reason they can't access the real stuff, so this becomes the 2010's version of the bra and panty section of catalogs from decades past.

Woe unto those teens of the past whose fathers and older brothers didn't have a stash of Playboys tucked away somewhere where they could raid it.

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It’s all about seeming innocent. “Oh no it’s just a streamer, I’m not spending hours a day watching porn.”

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It's the interaction they crave.

And mixer.con or twitch.con are "safe" when using your step dad greg's computer whereas a porn site popping up in history might prompt punishment or "the talk" or god knows what else.

[–] Areuyiddingme ago 

You're damn right. I stored a stack in a room my nephew would frequent and later I found he had posted a centerfold in his tent. Winning.

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This culture is really... sad and pathetic.

The worse ones are those twitch thots...

Bella Delphine sell her bathwater for $30.

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I'd sell my bath water for $30 too if there were people dumb enough to buy it. It's the pathetic soyboys who enable them that are the root cause.

[–] Ctrl_Alt_Llama_ ago 

That's my opinion too, it's not Belle Delphines fault that some people are just that sad. I'd fucking do it if I looked like her, they would probably sell for a good 300.

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Belle Delphine is brilliantly trolling a bunch of horny retards. I can’t hate her for that shit. It’s hilarious.

[–] Schreiber ago 

I don't hate her, she's a brilliant businessman if you ask me.

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i once got MisterMetkur to play Angry Goy 2 in a stream

it felt good, you know why? not because i got a mention by MM, but because influenced the man from playing boring gay ass stardew valley

into playing a game for proper gentiles




the best thing? i didn't give a single shekel, i was just cool and cordial and he went with the idea

shame he never gave Angry Goy 1 another try (it crashed him on the stream and he never tried again...)

so you see here, being an orbiter is a choice

be cool, be dank and be frank and that's all you need to have fun 👌

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I feel horrible for kids just entering highschool... They are so fucked.

[–] VGA ago 

These kids will grow up and look back thinking, "Man, I remember the time I was a complete fucking idiot and gave someone money to play video games". lol. It seriously disgusts me. I hope the whole concept dies out.

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