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If they really are trolling outrage junkie trannies then sign me up but that picture just looks gay.

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"hey! you can't make us out to look like filthy degenerates! that's OUR job!!!"

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What are they not pissed about?

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They have their panties in a wad over a drink company in game encouraging you to buy flavors and mix them together. They’re extrapolating that it’s making fun of trans people because they’re fucking delusional.

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The only reason trannies got popular is because of fetishistic porn. If it wasn’t for the porn explosion, and the insane push of it from cam sites, PornHub, and fucking 4chan, most of them would just be awkward manchildren and fat, angry lesbians.

But these faggots have zero respect for history. Where’s the pride?

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All the money people gave nasa was used for making better "female" porn star pussies.

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Have you heard of Jack Parsons? I’ve seen him mentioned around voat. NASA has ties to Aleister Crowley, so ties to all kinds of other zany shit along with zany sex cult stuff. All this stuff seems to have been in the pipes for a long time.

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Trannies pissed off about a futa. My fucking sides!

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Can someone fill me in on the developer and what their "history" of transphobia is? Everyone at work I've talked to has been hyped about this game.

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Because you have real people at work. Those pissed off on internet are kike shills.

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Umm, it took me a minute, then when I really figured it out, I was just laughing. That's some seriously funny shit. It's fucked up as all Hell, but it's probably something that unless stopped now, will be here for years in the future. So it makes sense. Keep in mind, Cyberpunk is a game where you rescue naked women from bathtubs full of human body parts and then turn them over to medical doctors who arrive in an APC with guns and serious firepower.

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That's right. It's funny because your brain understands the absurdity of this. Faggots don't have logic, therefore they don't have sense of humour. Try to have sense of humour after being raped as a kid by perverted sickos.

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