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is it really an accusation if it's based in facts? it's more of just calling out the truth. those audience reactions were very clearly faked with no attempt to mask it.

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Um totally. There was a guy in there that wouldn't shut the fuck up after each sentence. It was obvious.

The chat was raging saying shoot him or shut him up it was funny.

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It was obvious he was trolling.

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Apparently he really pissed off Todd

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We have no nuance any more. As soon as someone questions the legitimacy of something, the MSM says "OMG, they think the whole thing is fake!"

People are saying the REACTION was not a genuine one, from real fans. That seems to have been proven, by the fact that the front rows are assigned to employees and family members. Then all you do is place your mikes nearest to these seats, and boom, fake crowd reaction guaranteed. No conspiracy needed, but at the same time, the people saying the reaction was not genuine, and that Bethesda planned the overenthusiastic response are also right.

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The whole shit is fake. Fake in-game audio, fake graphical fidelity, fake "organic gameplay", NOTHING is real. People APPLAUDED a battle royale feature it FALLOUT 76 FFS. The last time battle royale was advertised all it did was piss people off because everyone knew it was a cynical attempt to chase after the latest fad.