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Brexit was not a bad thing. A little more story on that, something to infuriate everyone.

One the biggest reasons that Brexit actually happened was over water rights. The UK owns the water rights for a large portion of the neighboring seas, and a big industry that exists in those waters is the fishing industry. When Theresa May went and begged the EU for any policy or way to remain, the EU demanded she hand over the fishing rights to the UK waters. And she did!

It sparked fury in the UK. The EU basically robs the UK blind, and all Theresa May did was invite more rapefugees to cum in her butthole. I think the whole situation might resolve itself for the best, Theresa May is going down as one of the worst PMs in history, and her plan to stay in the EU is utterly shattered. No more Mr. Nice Guy UK! That's how it should be. The British once ate metal whenever they went to war, and it all came down to some old bitch begging to suck the EU's cock. Fuck her, and GO BREXIT!

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Brexit won't do shit until you deport all non-whites. They'll just breed like rats and vote themselves right back into the EU.

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Yeah, but it's way easier to do so under your own national sovereignty than having to ask supranational Brussels's permission for it. One step at a time.

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Until I look at a up to date map of the EU and notice the lack of the UK in it, I don't buy it, considering the shitshow it's been for a few years now.

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I found out the other day that something like 95% of Scottish salmon farms aren't even owned by Scottish companies.

What the fuck.

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Yet the Scotch cunts overwhelmingly voted to remain. Dumb Porridge nigger jock wogs.

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Scottish watter, Scottish electric neither are owned by Scotland or anyone Scottish.

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Ubisoft can fuck right off.

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"this game was created by people of multiple backgrounds and religions..." That was enough for me to say, "Go fuck your pedophile 'God' in his dirty, muzzie asshole" to Ubisoft.

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Lol when did all the video game companies become completely gay?

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It's been going on for a few years. This kind of relates to the gamergate controversy. This is just more of that unfolding cultural domination by globohomo.

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It has been going downhill, but these companies are slow to learn the lessons, mostly cause people keep buying.

Will be funny to see a game drop 50 million in dev costs and rake in 500k at launch... The whole point of games is a diversion, not an expression of wokeness.

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Paradox games seem OK

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They went pretty SJW all over race and gender effecting mods. They also totally sjw ovary-acted to criticism of their female "War" AI voice in game.

They've carefully engineered the in-game mechanics to prevent any civilization from ever having male leaders, but they do have built in ones that are female. They also responded with hostility and smugness to feature requests that would be necessary for different sexes to have different traits. in threads specifically to ask for feature requests.

There are a few mods to make all of your population units male (which you could interpret as men being the representatives of each group, but that's left to your imagination), but there is no way to have a species with two sexes, where one is the leader.

So, I don't play Stellaris anymore. I sort of ran out of interest in everything else, and my growing dislike for Paradox in general (fostered by their Stellaris missteps), has sort of kept me from going back.

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All on PC, I'm pretty sure I'm abandoning consoles after this generation. I went from console, to PC, back to console mainly because it cheaper graphics wise. But I think after this generation I'm going to go back to PCs and be done with consoles, all the companies just suck to much cock and I cant respect them any more and have completely lost the ability of me to ever respect them again.

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So theres a game company not making completely gay sjw themed games in 2019? That does sound like a paradox.

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The early signs have been there for at least 20 years. It's just been in the last 5 years that everything has ramped up to the clown world level of insanity.

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It was a few years back. They had a phone conference about it.

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Poopcolored shitskins aren't English l

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Did they have a company meeting to brainstorm ways to piss off a sizable portion of their customers? This is a pretty good way to do that, I wonder what the other suggestions were? They obviously presume that people will have opinions on Brexit and/or interest in it, otherwise it would be meaningless. I just cannot fathom how they envisioned this to be a good thing to do.

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Either they at Ubisoft realize that they have hit the end of the road for video game development until VR and they are trying to be "hip and cool" by building a game geared towards a current political event. ($20 says the Brexiteers are going to be the bad guys) Or they are giving the populace a place to "vent" their angers in a virtualized enviroment with a real "real-world" political event playing out in the game that the clowns at Ubisoft are going to data mine the fuck out of it to see just how the general population feels about the situation at hand by setting up idealized political sides and outcomes for the players to take part in.

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“End of the road until VR”


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There are a ton of SJWs in the tech industry these days. When these people reach a tipping point, other people are scared to speak out in fear of losing their jobs. Not only losing their jobs but being blacklisted by the industry as a whole, where HR departments are weaponised by SJWs to screen people with conservative views.

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Nigger hackers? Those words cancel themselves out.

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Yup, they are really ramping up the propaganda in video games now. Time to avoid all AAA games and any other game that is made for propaganda.

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I actually saw the trailer for that shit. It is amazing that the way they depict this postapocalyptic london is not that far off from real london. In fact you will get the same synopsis if you regularly get your news from uncucked sources because the oppression in the game is exactly what we have been reading about where you see people get jailed and killed for wrong think.

The irony is the sheep consuming this crap do not realize they are the baddies.

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