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the UN is a fucking joke saudi arabia is the fucking chair of human rights if that isnt HONK HONK idk what is

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It's probably similar to when a company moves a manager to a department or idea they lack understanding.

The guys at the top pat each other on the back and think the manager is going to learn something and change to fit the company's culture.

I have never seen this type of strategy work as intended.

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Or they just want to destroy that organization without appearing to.

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Because you haven’t seen what’s lacking: force.

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What is ironic is that he is legalizing lgbt rights everywhere except in Saudi...

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he understands that the lgbtwtfbbq disease weakens societies that allow it to flourish

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Normal human should have the rights to see degenerate fags beheaded in public.

Saudi Arabia got more things shit right than any liberal I've ever see.

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I want to see the Saudi prince hanging from his beloved palace window.

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UN: fictional representation of child sex abuse must be banned.

Actual child sex abuse taking place in Western World, by certain minorities.

UN: crickets.

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pedophilia is only illegal for the goyim.

then again thats a good thing no goyim should touch children

then again why do you (((sick fucks))) want to touch children?

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Because they see goyim as cattle. Put there for their use, no matter what it may be.

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murder is only illegal for the goyim.

then again thats a good thing no goyim should murder people

then again why do you (((sick fucks))) want to murder people?


theft is only illegal for the goyim.

then again thats a good thing no goyim should steal

then again why do you (((sick fucks))) want to steal?


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Those (((sick fucks))) feed on human souls. I say this as a pagan, not a Christian. One thing we can agree upon.

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Umm, actual child sex abuse is a privilege for the "liberal" elites.

Just ask uncle Joe.

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Anime is the only entertainment not controlled by the jews. Here they come!

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That worked so well with gamergate. It would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to overstate the importance of gamer gate. It was the first time E-V-E-R that rational human beings looked the demons (aka the politically correct / SJW / feminists / useful idiots) straight in the eyes and unflinchingly said "NO. NOT HERE. NOT TO US. BE GONE SATAN"

I unironically give no small part of the credit for the election of President Trump to Gamer Gate. Gamer Gate showed "normies" they could fight back against evil and win.

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have no won yet game industry is still infected, GamerGate was just shoeing them they they will not take over without a fight

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All gates have keys.

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dubs are infected, just look at some of the dub changes, one changed the lune to talk about gamergate, another to talk about the wage gap and "muh misogyny". just look at the KickVic stuff going on right now and see that the Poz already have their claws in the localization, that is why I stopped watching dubs, CrunchyRoll, Funimation and others. I exclusively use kissanime now.

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they are making their way in, some shows are starting to go the diversity route

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They're already pushing through Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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There shouldn't be cartoon depictions of pedophilia. I agree with the UN on that point.

If they are trying to broaden censorship because they don't like the ideas anime explores, then they need to shut the fuck up.

I've watched Psycho-Pass, and might watch the Matrix animated series. I can see why they would want to censor a young girl fighting the system/laws while claiming something within the show depicts child pornography.

Pretty soon, it might be illegal to depict a child thinking for him/herself. But it will be totally okay if that child decides they were born as the incorrect gender to live a life as a drag queen.

Thinking and awareness will be the new pornography if things keep going the way they are.

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The government shouldn't censor anything, that is the role of parents. When you give government "legitimate" power of censorship, that power will eventually be used to censor political incorrectness. That is what normies can never understand until it's too late and they're wondering why their precious EU is taking away their memes.

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That’s why the crown (deepstate) has slowly turned the population against the document that limits their control over the U.S. population.

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there shouldn't be cartoon depiction of pedophilia

I know where thats coming from but it doesn't harm anybody and free speech means even if you disagree

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I think this is a good example of what the real problem is. Society, civil society, used to control this shit. People had expectations on them. They had shame put upon them. This sort of behavior was not an acceptable part of any conversation back when the Constitution was written. You didn’t need to make laws about it because everybody knew it was evil and therefore unacceptable. But today, we’ve lost the ability to call out, condemn, and shun evil. Thus we turn to the government to do it for us.

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There shouldn't be cartoon depictions of rape, either. Why create inconsistent legislation? They're both crimes. Videos of real rape are just as illegal as child porn (I always assumed). No legislating bodies seem to be talking about banning cartoon depictions of rape, so why pedophilia?

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There are videos of actors portraying rape both in movies and porn.

There are videos of actual women having sex both in movies and porn that attempt to portray them as underage when they are not.

I think it would be hypothetical but what about a movie that is suggestive that an underage character played by an under age actress has sex without actually showing anything.

What about documentaries involving actual footage from security cameras or similar.

Where does it end? If they want the line moved now why should I expect them to not move it again?

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perfect blue has a rape scene and it's easily one of the greatest anime films of all time.

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Cartoons aren't real people. You do realize the difference?

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You ever heard about the bakky movies? These are perfectly legal as far as i know

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Maybe elements of the U.N. system are the progenitors of said porn?

Problem reaction solution is at the top of their playbook.

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This is a solid win for Voat's real user base.

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We should ban the UN instead.

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Im fine with real people being abused (IE search gonzo porn), but drawings of it, hell no. W T actual F.

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