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Back in vanilla there was a guild called "Naga stole my bike".

Blizzard made them change it

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I feel like there were several guilds that took that name, suppose it makes sense, since vanilla WoW intertwined with the peak YTMND days.

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I remember that. Was gonna bring that very thing up.

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political correctness gone full retard.

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I remember seeing the same name in Guild Wars, not sure if they eventually had to change it.

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Send me a picture of your genitals

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I had [Shub]-Niggurath in EverQuest Online Adventures for PS2. It was from Quake.

They changed my name to Niggulrath.

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as well as a thing from a game, it's the sanskrit word for serpent.

Very racist of them, banning words from a root language like sanskrit. what do they have against asians? anyone called them a nazi yet for this?

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works with my theory that the serpent from the garden of eden was a nigger.
"you will crawl on your belly and eat dust all of your days", sounds like a nigger to me.

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i lost my shit this is why i come to voat.

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this post is right


naga is a cobra the indian cobra, fucking retards banning people for saying snake lmao.

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Portugese for black Neger.

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Portuguese for black is either 'preto' or the more commonly known 'negro'.

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naga = snake tribe = jews.

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The Goblins fit them better tbh.

Massive Nose

Profit obsessed

Will sell anyone out, including their own, if it furthers their profit




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Aion has the Shugos - amoral ferret like nomadic merchants and bankers who love to get involved in politics for profit. Many a sidequest was started by talking to the Shugos. They even do the hand-wringing.


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Dwarfs do as well.

I suspect jews have snaked their way into almost every tribe throughout history.

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One quick-release red pill for everyone, please.

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Can't remember who I was watching on YouTube yesterday but that's what they said. Now they are going after normies like the nature sound guy on YouTube and gamers the system is going to get shocked and there will be conflict against these nut bags a lot faster than if they stayed in their lane just banning conservatives.

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Naga what?

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Naga, please!

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This is perfect, exactly as I'd hoped. Make them ban everything. Bigger, digger, bike, kite...anything that looks or sounds like wrongspeak, ban it.

Make the Poz so thick no one can ignore it.

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Next they'll be banning all languages that have the word "negro" or "neger" for the colour black, as well as the country Niger.

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They already banned fig

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Found on the reddit thread discussing this, oy vey.


The streamers were obviously making silly "racist" jokes, but who cares? A streamer who guzzles twitch and Blizzards nuts for a living says "Naga please" all the damn time and nobody bats an eye. Is it because he's a very light shade of brown?

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Why is everything about the Nazis to these people?

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Brain wash, these people don't have religion or any stories to base their morality on, so they use the only historical event schools really teach them about.

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In recent news, more evidence that content moderation does not work.

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