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https://archive.ph/To4A5 :

None | Gamasutra: Josh Ge's Blog - Workflow and Design Behind Creating One Game from Another in a Single Week (7DRL Postmortem)

"It's pretty cool if you can find it ;)A good number of Cogmind players have picked up the game and are enjoying it.", "I went into 7DRL with a technically complete high-level design doc, though given more time I would've refined it much further."

'I find the POLYBOT-7 concept super interesting overall, but the 7DRL only really takes a quick peek at its potential. ', "The biggest drawback though was spending more of the week than I'd like to thinking rather than doing."

'You can see the similarities :)In addition to design docs, I also spent a little time in REXPaint doing UI mockups. '

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