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Plagiarism is when you hide the fact that you copied someone's stuff and try to pass it off as your own. Homage when everyone knows you did and you didn't try to hide it. More or less.

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I'd say there was somewhat of an effort to hide it, merely by copying from content for adults and plastering it on content for children, who wouldn't know the movies.

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Didn't know about the Castlevania one. The other two are more common. Konami had balls to copy Kyle Reese from Terminator.

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so are in you in support of piracy? because in a world of pirates, this is considered normal and natural.

can you patent dna? no. can you patent a meme? no!

interesting to note of course, but this doesn't really point at anything besides that business folk can read meme and use them, just like anyone else

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What's your point?

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I am a "pirate" and it's not normal or natural to make money with someone elses work. Piracy involves making illegal copy of a material but no money involved. What you see here is art theft which is a commercial art reused as someone elses commercial art. Look up what piracy and meme means, that's your homework for today.

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hey look, I ran across the definition of open source.

Wow! Would you look at how much more productive things become when ownership of information is out of the question! How amazing!

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disgusting pedophile defender OP should kill himself.

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Contra is from 1987, Commando is from 1985. Not sure how you do math.

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