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You won't be Happy getting something you don't want. It's not like Games are are be-all-end-all of life. At some point you just have to Let Go. There's nothing to play, because you don't want to play anymore.

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Fortune cookie level wisdom. True.

"Confucius says : "There's nothing to play, because you don't want to play anymore."

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This has been something I've had to struggle to accept over the past two or three years. I used to be able to spend every second of free time gaming, from my mid teens to mid twenties. Then more and more I just couldn't do it, to the point where I would spend hours just trying to decide what I wanted to play. It drove me crazy. I felt like there must have been something wrong with me. I never wanted to consider the possibility that was just wasn't a 'gamer' anymore. It was terrifying because I had no idea what else to do with my free time, and in a way it was part of my identity.

I still wish I could go back to that mindset where I was really passionate about gaming. I've yet to replace it with anything positive, and it was a damn convenient way to occupy myself.

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Try weights and guns.

Guns especially. Anyone can lift weights, not everyone can be a good shot, know how to sight a rifle, and be ready to kill communists when the time comes.

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The inevitable result when focused on distraction/gratification instead of purpose/accomplishment.

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I remember when I stopped enjoying video games. It was just after I found my fiancee. I thought there was something wrong with me at first. Never occurred to me that I just grew out of it.

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So a few takeaways for this from me.

1: inability to skip annoying levels will kill replayability. Replaying half hour long tutorials is garbage, and nobody wants to redo the ice/water level.

2: its not a problem of a thousand uninteresting games, so much as it is a problem of the same story told a thousand times. The same reason people check out of movies these days, the plot is stale. Theres no engaging or interesting ideas. Just another high gloss run'n'gun or hack'n'slash. This is why most sandbox games like No Man Sky fall flat. Theres no story worth pursuing.

  1. Relating to 2, if all you do is play games, youre inevitably going to keep running across the same plotlines, until its all nothing but a predictable slog. You need to take breaks or you will burn yourself out, no different than if you try to eat 20 pounds of fudge or listen to the same song 500 times in a week.

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You don't need a unique plot to make a good game. Terraria, Minecraft and Factorio have very little in the way of plot, yet they're very successful games.

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Mario Maker and Mario Kart are also examples of this. You could say a lot of Nintendo games have a very basic or no plot at all and are still fun.

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Well, you can't make a lot of money selling classic games like chess or card games.

So they try to sell games on their plot, new mechanices, new graphics.

When most video games boil down to essentially being a novelty when the human brain isn't made for novelty games.

I always hear about people playing games and saying the games are boring them.


Move on to something else.

Before video games existed, nobody was bored with playing video games.

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Certain type of games need a plot. Like Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Others don't, like Civilization (although the recent ones are hot garbage).

If I am not learning something from a game, it is not that interesting to me. And you are not supposed to be playing games if it is nice weather outside, and the sun is up. If it is cold, or dark, or raining, then it is equivalent to reading, in terms of mental engagement (although of course not all games are created equal in this regard).

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Some people turn to games like No Man's Sky, because it doesn't have a cliche story to tell. You just explore, manage resources (like Oxygen), and upgrade your suit, weapon, ship, base, whatever.

I'm partial to it because I don't want to play a game just to be along for the ride of whatever story they're pushing.

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I disagree.

That game is shit, that genre is shit, and I won't play games like that.

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On the money, the best thing anyone can do is take a hiatus from gaming be it weeks, months or maybe even years. It's not like the games are going anywhere.

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I have an addictive personality so I know all about burning myself out on something

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Nethack just dropped a new release.

Some games are going strong, 30+ years on. Back when you had to literally steal time on large minicomputers to play, to now being to emulate not only those systems, but the games.

Going down the emulation rabbit hole, there is an insane number of games & ports to play, spanning DECADES.

Or you know, learn programming, and game theory and gamify your own stuff, or failing that, go outside.

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This guy is whining too much. Really? Read reviews on steam. Look for the reviews that are negative that are dedicated (many paragraphs). Wait for the game to be on a significant sale if you still want to play it.

I still play Day of Defeat because it is fun.

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It's hard to tell at this point. Have you really lost interest in games? Or have games just gotten so much worse?

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Maybe both, but AAA games are definitely getting worse. Graphics and story don't matter tbh, they're fluff that can enhance something, but people play games for fun and most games I've played recently aren't fun.

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If you look at WHO is making the games at the AAA studios it will answer all your questions.

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That's why DOOM 2016 was great and Destiny persisted throughout its troubles, the gameplay loop was fun.

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You could look through old games. I still find myself playing games from the SNES (and others) despite the fact I never played them as a kid (so no nostalgia).

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This guy's monotonous drone just meanders between shitting on every facet of gaming anyone could possibly like, shitting on himself, shitting on his life prospects, and then declaring all that is permanent and immutable.

The guy's bored because he's boring. The guy's not finding anything to play because he's less looking and more scrolling slackjawed waiting for something that will get him excited. The guy's acting like he's discovered something profound but it's just the hedonic treadmill. Maybe your voice would get a second note if you stopped being completely passive.

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Social engineering. Capitalism was designed to destroy the past, exploit the present and corrupt the future. Nostalgia is not you thinking that old stuff was better, it's you realizing that new stuff gets worse in generational steps. That's by design.

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What is the alternative to capitalism? Mercantilism? Communism?

Our system needs reform, definitely, but not economic revolution.

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With the jews in charge no economic model can work, it's all made to fail, it's all part of mass control. Let me tell you about how the few got control over the many…

  1. Ownership - guy has an apple, another wants it. Conflict happens.

  2. Leadership - I'm the boss, gimme that apple. Conflict happens.

  3. Laws - You must give me that apple for this is how it's meant to be. Conflict happens.

  4. Law enforcement - gimme that apple by law or these guys will kick your ass. Conflict happens.

At this stage the violent response towards the one seeking control of the other was forced back as far as possible, but the huge size of civilizations still created too much collateral damage of slaves defending their goods. So the question was raised "how can we make them "believe" to give us their shit for free?

  1. Religion - the deity speaketh "share those riches for free and in return you get as many empty promises as you want"

This is where natural law took over and created a circle. To catch all the non believer, who didn't fall for the obvious scam, the controllers forced them together with terms like atheists or infidels. thereby creating division between the groups. Fast forward and thousands of years of religious indoctrination, have crept into the subconscious structure of everyone, and the atheists are now naturally longing for the same natural traits of superstition, faith and morality, but unlike the religious fools they don't have anything to direct it on. But what's that the jews are selling? Capitalism? Materialism? Idolatry? Symbolism? Tada…the atheists became the most fundamentalists group of worshipers of them all. Materialism over everything.

  1. Materialism - The hedonistic way of attributing worth to items aka Ownership. And the circle closes.

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It is a paradox of choice. People have so many games to choose from they just end up playing nothing.

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