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Honestly after Steam went back on their word about taste policing they needed a good kick in the nuts so that's ok with me. And on the other hand considering how many hate epic piracy might start gaining more popularity after Steam slowed it down for a few years now.

So except for Epic completely taking over or payed exclusives becoming the norm I'm rather ok with most outcomes of this shitfest. Besides it's better that some of that fortshit money go to other devs and games, with piracy both the sellout devs and smart users win.

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Boycott Epic. If this anti-competition practice continues, it ends very badly for [us] the consumers.

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https://archive.ph/q6Ehg :

None | Epic Plans More Exclusives For Its Games Store - Slashdot

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Why are these practices even legal?

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It is legal because of all the president that came before, back when it cost so much to develop and distribute physical media that games needed the funding or were unlikely to ever exist. They traded funding for development in exchange for being tied to one platform. On PC it is becoming tied to one store for a cut after all the development is done.

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Don't forget that there were vast differences in horsepower and storage back then too. At times there were technical reasons, that is less so today.

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Unfortunately, it's just not possible to ban every anti-consumer practice. What Epic's up to overlaps with too many legitimate business practices.

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Would it be better to just legalize a thing where everyone can set up a store?

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Because of consoles.