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Oh fuck Valve, DRM & EULA aren't part of the game? Then why are they included? So they will throw out your shit score if you don't like malware.

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Its all just a TACTIC to help stop SJW crap games and buggy games from getting proper reviews. Steam ratings will be as distructed as Rottentomatoes

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Does anyone even go out of their way to view Steam scores spontaneously? Usually when a game sucks ass it gets name dropped frequently.

If they at the very least give us access to the "review bombed" reviews then it would help us see why certain games get shat on.

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You can opt-in to include all reviews in the overall score. No reviews are being deleted. Not such a big deal... but it seems like Valve is being over accommodating to the complaints of devs on reviews.

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that's why i dont do reviews