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Huh, well I do love me some Factorio.

I really like that this shit has vertical building, that has me reasonably intrigued.

On the downside, the art looks like a shitty Minecraft texture pack. But if the gameplay is good I'll overlook that. I mean, I play Dwarf Fortress.

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Want to play a game that is free from political bullshit? Want to support some legit person rather than a giant company infested with SJW bullshit? Sadly you have to get it on stream, but it's pretty legit and the guy is always in contact with people buying the game implementing weekly updates and seems to really care.

Taken from the Wiki

"Factory Town is a Town-Builder / Factory Management strategy game created by Erik Asmussen. It has been in development since mid-2017 and the early access build has been released on March 12, 2019 on Steam"

Here is the website.

Here is the wiki

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