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What's the fucking difference you entitled cunts?

The platform you launch on can offer significant financial benefits the developer, and causes you a minor inconvenience at worst. Being that you need to use something newer than Steam of all things. I know millennials don't understand this but competition within a market economy means more games for you in the future at a lower price, more jobs too.

They're even offering a full refund to anyone who wants one. That is insane. You're insane. Fuck off with your baby crytime BS grow up take the soother out of your mouths then cram it with doggie "poo" you fucking whiners.

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rumor has it that the epic store launcher is spyware

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the solution is simple dont support this developer on his existing and upcoming projects.when the cash runs out he will have either to close shop or beg for forgiveness

vote with your dollars

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Or wait for games to be made before paying for them instead of doing a pre-order, Then you know where you are getting the game and what it is.